Royal Mail Shipping Rates for Cheltenham Rare Books

Mark Skipper has been dealing in rare fiction and illustrated books for nigh on 40 years now, following a degree in English at Oxford University. Mark Skipper Books morphed into Cheltenham Rare Books when the business settled into the current premises in Imperial Square, Cheltenham in 2016.
  • Industry
    Retail (Book shop)
  • Platform
  • Location
    United Kingdom, Cheltenham
  • Feature set
    Shipping Areas, Table Rates, Estimated Delivery Dates
  • Config duration
    5 hours including QA
Emulate Royal Mail domestic and international shipping rates calculations with Table Rates in order to bring accurate shipping rates to Shopify's checkout

The Solution by Calcurates

Together with the client, Calcurates Team took the following steps to solve the challenge
  • Study of customer requirements
    The representative of the Cheltenham Rare Books company kindly provided us with the requirements for calculating the shipping rates in the form of spreadsheets (see the fragment below).
  • Defining the configuration
    Based on the spreadsheet Calcurates Team came up to the following feature set: Shipping Areas, Table Rates, Estimated Delivery Dates
  • Shipping Areas
    We have configured 5 simple Shipping Areas based on countries: Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Canada, Rest of the World.
  • Table Rates
    There were 3 shipping methods set using Table Rates: Royal Mail 24 for domestic shipping, Air Freight (Standard) and Courier (Express) for international shipping. All 3 methods have rates based on Areas, Cart Weight and Subtotal.
  • Estimated Delivery Dates
    There were 8 custom delivery dates profiles set and assigned to the shipping rates based on Areas. From the fastest delivery within the UK (2-3 business days) to the longest delivery to the Rest of the Works (3-17 business days).
  • QA before going live
    Shipping rates calculations and delivery dates were tested using "Test your rates" tool within the Calcurates interface and then were brought to the live Shopify store smoothly, Area by Area.

The Result

Calcurates helped Cheltenham Rare Books solve the challenge
  • Accurate shipping rates calculations
    Domestic (Royal Mail 24) and international shipping methods (Standard and Express) and rates were set using Shipping Areas and Table Rates.
  • Predictable shipping for customers
    Estimated delivery dates were set for each shipping rate depending on the customer's destination address.

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