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Calcurates is an automated shipping solution that integrates with the existing Aramex (formerly Fastway) software to provide your e-commerce business with real-time rates, shipping labels and tracking for StarTrack and many other carriers.

Aramex Australia Automated Shipping Solution for E-commerce

What You Get with Aramex (formerly Fastway) Connected to Your Calcurates Account and Store
Aramex Shipping Rates
Aramex Post Real-Time Shipping Rates
Set Aramex shipping option, enable certain services, get real-time rates and display them right at your store's checkout.
Aramex Shipping Rules and Restrictions
Aramex Shipping Rules and Restrictions
Use the shipping rules and restrictions feature to create and custom Aramex shipping options for different types of shipping scenarios.
Aramex International Shipping
Aramex International Shipping Rates
Let Calcurates make international deliveries easier by acquiring shipping rates with tax & duties included (landed cost) directly from Aramex.
Aramex Delivery Dates displayed in calendar
Aramex Delivery Dates
Display Aramex estimated shipping delivery date and info-tooltips for every customer's order at the checkout.
Aramex Shipping Labels
Aramex Shipping Labels
Request, print and manage shipping labels from Aramex Australia for every package right from your e-commerce CMS dashboard.
Aramex Order Tracking
Aramex Order Tracking
Automatically request tracking numbers and display them for every order delivered by Aramex.
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Shipping with Aramex Australia (formerly Fastway)

Formerly known as Fastway, Aramex Australia offers a global network of more than 900 franchise partners that provide courier services in regional and rural Australian markets. Aramex works with customers both large and small with an emphasis on service excellence.
Supported E-commerce Platforms

Turn on Aramex Shipping for your E-commerce

Let's check if Calcurates meets your shipping needs!

Connect Your Aramex Australia Account to Calcurates

Enter the details for your existing Aramex (Fastway) account in the Carriers section of the Calcurates Dashboard. Find more information in the user guide.

Even More Flexibility for Aramex Australia

when combined with Calcurates features

Aramex Shipping Solution — FAQ

Popular questions answered
How can I connect my own Aramex account to Calcurates?
Calcurates allows you to connect your Aramex or other carrier accounts. Connecting a carrier account with Calcurates requires account credentials and IDs, depending on each carrier. In your Calcurates account please proceed to Menu > Advanced Features > Carriers and in the carriers grid click "Connect Carrier" in the Actions column for the needed carrier.

For more detailed info please read this guide which will give you more instructions on how to connect your account to Calcurates.
Do you provide any discounts for Aramex?
No, we don't as you connect your own Aramex account and you will be getting real-time rates according to your contract with Aramex. It also means you can get Aramex negotiated rates if you have them.
Can I get Aramex real-time shipping rates with Calcurates?
Yes, Calcurates is designed to help get the most accurate live rates for an order using your carrier account. The live rates are requested and returned on checkout on the fly, while the page is being rendered. Each carrier offers specific services depending on you contract.
Can I generate Aramex labels with Calcurates?
Yes, you can request, print and manage shipping labels from Aramex for every package right from your e-commerce CMS dashboard. Label generation takes 5 credits per generated label. You can check our pricing plans to learn more about credits.
Can I track Aramex orders with Calcurates?
Yes, Calcurates allows you to automatically get tracking numbers together with shipping labels and let your customers track their orders. Order tracking updates takes 2 credits per tracked package. To get more detailed information about how credits work, you can check our pricing plans.
Can Calcurates set up a Aramex shipping option for me?
We offer configuration assistance for our clients, including complex or peculiar use cases. You are welcome to request shipping option configuration here. You are welcome to use the following user guide for assistance too.
How does Aramex integration with Calcurates work?
Step 1 - Integration involves connecting an Aramex account to your Calcurates account, using Aramex account IDs and credentials.

Step 2 - Requires synchronizing with Aramex. This will make all your Aramex services and packages manageable through Calcurates account. Aramex services and packages could be enabled/disabled from the handy grid.

Step 3 - You are ready to create a shipping option for your store out of connected Aramex carrier.
How can I increase the accuracy of Aramex real-time shipping rates
The accuracy of a rate depends on the parameters that we use to request real-time rates from a carrier. By default Calcurates requests least accurate rates using "weight" parameter only. However there are two advanced features that allow you to increase the accuracy of real-time rates for Aramex and any other carrier — Volumetric or Dimensional Weight and Smart Packaging.
Can I display Aramex delivery dates at checkout?
Yes, we are getting Aramex estimated delivery time together with Aramex real-time rates. You may display it on your checkout or set up custom delivery dates for Aramex. Several display options and formats for estimated delivery dates are available. Learn more about the Estimated Delivery Dates feature.
How long does Aramex take to deliver?
Aramex takes between 4-10 days to deliver depending on the location.

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