Calcurates release notes

  • New UPS connection flow has been implemented
  • Delivery Dates: fix for the timezone bug has been implemented
  • Delivery Dates improvement: reset time for deliveryDates if date > than today
  • Delivery Dates improvement: use carrier estimated delivery date as Website local timezone, not UTC
  • International Duties & Taxes: exception countries that do not require postcodes have been implemented
  • Table Rates / Individual Products: refactoring
  • Segments: IS EMPTY / IS NOT EMPTY operators for collection-type attributes have been added
  • Activity Feed: search improvements
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Multi-Origin: improvements for Shopify locations mapping have been implemented
  • Multi-Origin: "Priority by Shipping Area" algorithm has been implemented
  • Multi-Origin: “Fallback to Main Origin“ setting has been implemented
  • Multi-Origin: bug fix for Merged Shipping Options