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Is it hard to switch from my current shipping extension or solution?
True, this can be hard indeed — but don't let it put you off, especially since we offer a free migration service for you. Just let us know if you need assistance and our support will help.
Why should I pay for monthly subscription instead of buying extension and pay for it once?
The bunch of shipping extensions with similar functionality will cost up to $1500. That equals 38 Calcurates monthly subscriptions. Pay as you go and take advantage of our monthly billing which is flexible and fair.
What are advantages of cloud-based solution compared to extensions?
There are numerous benefits of a cloud-based solution. For example, with all-in-one shipping there's no need to install dozens of extensions and then solve compatibility issues. There are no UX limitations from the Magento interface. We offer a separate interface instead that is intuitive and mobile-friendly. We also provide easier support and as we are an API-based service we won't need to access your Magento while supporting you.
Will Calcurates really meet my shipping needs?
There's only one way to find out — book a demo with us today so we can talk about your shipping needs and see if Calcurates can solve it. Plus, if you can't find your wanted feature in the list, then request it and we'll add it to our roadmap.
Which subscription plan is the best for me?
Let's talk about your shipping needs — book a demo.
Is it hard to configure all these shipping settings with Calcurates?
There is a support widget inside your Calcurates account. You can also send an email to our support or chat with us in Messenger. Our careful support will do its best to assist and guide you through all the shipping settings.
How can I solve compatibility issues with other extensions I use?
Let us know if you have any compatibility issues. We will fix a problem if it arises.
Do I pay extra if I use Calcurates integration with carriers?
Yes, you pay monthly subscription plan plus carrier requests costs based on its volume. Check our pricing here. Use "Marketplace" page in your account to add a carrier you need.
Do I pay extra if I use Calcurates advanced features?
Yes, you pay monthly subscription plan plus advanced feature subscription fee which is from $10 per month. Check our pricing here. Use "Marketplace" page in your account to add an advanced feature you need.
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