Shipping on Product Pages for Magento 2

Use Calcurates to display the most suitable shipping methods right on the product page and benefit from a higher conversion rate. With product pages shipping, you show shipping costs directly on the product page.

What is Shipping on Product Pages

Shipping on Product Pages for Magento 2 enables you to display the cheapest or fastest shipping options next to the product description. Customers can check the available shipping methods and rates, as well as the in-store pickup option without leaving the product page, increasing your chances to sell.

Shipping on Product Page: Key Features and Benefits

Set up the most suitable shipping methods right on the store pages
Set the Number of Magento 2 Shipping Rates
Display the required number of shipping rates on the product page and adjust their sorting order. Sort shipping rates by the fastest or the cheapest one depending on your customers’ preferences.
Adjust the Shipping Options List
Provide shoppers with specific shipping options. Let your customers estimate shipping methods and decide on the purchase from the product page.
Set the Default Shipping Address
When a guest user is browsing products in your store, you can set a default address for shipping estimates. Otherwise, the shipping options will be provided for the registered customer’s address.
Customize Shipping on Product Pages
Tailor the text of the shipping on product pages to fit your needs. Choose from various variables to tweak the shipping options description.

When Do You Need Shipping on Product Pages?

Enhance the conversion rate of each product page with the right shipping options that provide customers with the fastest or the cheapest shipping methods.
How to Use Shipping on Product Pages
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Sort by Delivery Price or Terms
Choose to sort the available shipping methods using one of the following conditions: the fastest one or the cheapest one.
Define the Number of Shipping Methods
Display the required amount of shipping options available without the risk of overloading customers’ attention.
Set the Shipping Methods List
Adjust the list of the available shipping methods to display on your Magento 2 product pages. Hide the unnecessary ones or highlight the ones you prefer.
Automatically Pick the ‘Ship to’ Address
When registered customers browse the store pages, provide them with the actual shipping options without guiding them to a separate page.

Turn on Shipping on Product Pages for your E-commerce

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The Shipping on Product Pages Feature for Magento 2

Show shipping cost on the product page for your Magento 2 e-commerce. Display the correct shipping method per product and calculate shipping cost on the product page directly. Shipping on product pages was never easier with Calcurates.
magento 2 shipping per product

More about Shipping on Product Pages

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