DPD UK and live international rates for Global Telesat Communications

Global Telesat Communications with over 50,000 customers provides reliable and innovative satellite communication products and services worldwide. As a UK-based reseller of the market’s most powerful and advanced satellite communications hardware, software, and services.
  • Industry
  • Platform
  • Location
    United Kingdom, Poole
  • Feature set
    Carrier Shipping Options, Table Rates, Shipping Areas, Shipping Rules
  • Config duration
    5 hours including QA
Set DPD UK shipping rates calculations, real-time DHL Express and FedEx international shipping rates for Shopify store

The Solution by Calcurates

Together with the client, Calcurates Team took the following steps to solve the challenge
  • Study of customer requirements
    Global Telesat Communications representative has graciously provided us with their shipping requirements and PDF with DPD shipping services and rates.
  • Defining the configuration
    Based on the client's request Calcurates Team came up with the following feature set: Table Rates for DPD, Carrier Shipping Options (FedEx and DHL), Shipping Areas and Shipping Rules.
  • Shipping Options
    Using Table Rates we have configured 9 DPD services with fixed shipping costs per order based on cart weight. DHL Express UK and FedEx UK accounts were connected to Calcurates and carrier shipping options with real-time international shipping rates were set.
  • Shipping Areas and Segments
    10 Shipping Areas based on the UK postal codes for DPD were added. 6 Shipping Segments based on product SKU, cart subtotal value, postal codes, dates and product weight were added.
  • Shipping Rules
    3 Shipping Rules were added: Free Shipping for certain SKUs or orders above £100 for certain postcodes, Saturday Delivery restriction for certain days of week, 20% surcharge for all real-time rates.
  • QA before going live
    Shipping rates were rigorously tested by Calcurates Team before seamlessly implementing them into the live Shopify store.
The Result
How Calcurates helped Global Telesat Communications set cost-effective shipping
  • Accurate Shipping Rates
    Live DHL Express and Fedex international rates, DPD Table Rates for the UK
  • Required flexibility with Shipping Rules set
    Free Shipping rules, surcharges and shipping restrictions

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