Calcurates case studies
Learn how Calcurates for Magento helped UK based lighting store solve their shipping puzzle
Our customer is a UK based Magento store, which sells a great variety of products. From furniture and mirrors to pieces of art as well as lighting and bulbs. Hence, such diversity of products requires different shipping methods, and rates. Also, the set of carriers adds extra limitations on shipments throughout the UK.

This shipping challenge is perfectly solved by Calcurates, the entire shipping solution with enough level of flexibility to adapt to the customer's needs.

Set up a variety of custom shipping methods and rates depending on shipping zones and product types
How we solved the riddle
Complex solution with top-notch technologies and smart algorithms in order to help displaying accurate shipping rates at checkout.
Diving into details
At the very beginning before the configuration we've explored the range of products, the existing shipping methods and available carriers. Also, together with the Pagazzi team we visualized the shipping structure that should be implemented.
Next, we started doing our magic. Out configuration efforts include the creation on new Shipping Zones for the main destinations. Then, we've set up multiple Table Rates methods in order to separate groups of products, their shipping methods and rates. Finally, we've added several Shipping Rules in order to apply them for some specific cases.
Testing on real cases
The final step was going live with our new shipping configuration. That is the most important part as it affects not only the store performance and shipping reliability but also the customer experience itself. We need to control every order and check whether newly set shipping methods and rates work correctly. In result, everything went well.
The Result
Our hard work on the client's case paid off with the great result 
New Shipping Methods
Table Rates allow solving most of the customer's shipping problems. In connection with Shipping Zones and Magento product attributes support we've been able to cover all the combinations of products and destinations.
Custom Shipping Zones
We've set up multiple overseas and UK Shipping Zones using flexibility of postal codes conditions.
Flexible Condition-Based Shipping
Our Table Rates allows customers to utilize multiple conditions for shipping methods and rates. For such a diverse stock Pagazzi have, it is important to apply conditions to individual product groups or categories.
Does Calcurates help you to reduce the gap between shipping rates you display at checkout and shipping costs your business bear?
Yes, it definitely lets us have more control to help ensure that there is less of a discrepancy over the delivery costs that we incur and what we charge the customer. We are now much more agile with our delivery charges.
Did Calcurates help you to save money on the shipping solution for your e-commerce?
We were using an out of the box shipping matrix before, and so it did not cost anything. However I would say that Calcurates has been a good investment for us.
Did Calcurates improve a shipping storefront experience for your customers? 
I don’t think it made a big change on the front end store view – it just allowed for more flexibility in charges.
Do you have anything to add?
I couldn’t ask for better service than we get from Calcurates – you are always very responsive and helpful and your customer service is exceptional. Unless you are very well versed in Calcurates I believe that it can be quite confusing to set up, which is an area that can be a little bit of a barrier to users. The application itself has been a massive help & step forward in our business and we are now much more effective in charging customers the right amount for the product that they are purchasing. I would definitely recommend Caulcurates to others, due to the flexibility of the application & the exceptional customer service.

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