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Check out how Calcurates helped Skyeskyns to set up international and domestic shipping at the checkout for their Magento store in Waternish, UK.
Industry: Luxurious sheepskin

Selling Platform: Magento 2

Carriers: Royal Mail & DHL & Parcelforce

Problem: Shipping bulky and heavy things
What Is Skyeskyns?
Skyeskyns is a Magento store from Skye with a great history behind it. Skyeskyns is a family business that has grown into a tanner, maker, and supplier of luxurious sheepskins, home accessories, and sustainably made clothing. At Calcurates, we helped Skyeskyns with domestic and international shipping by setting up a number of table rates alongside complex shipping rules and segments.
Skyeskyns logo on the wall
Set up both, domestic and international shipping methods based on order subtotal and volume, including the unique 'big & bulky' condition.
How Calcurates Helped Skyeskyns
20+ shipping zones, complex shipping rules, and the powerful Smart Packaging feature
Diving into Details
Before the configuration, Calcurates explored the customer's shipping needs. Next, we distributed shipping options between multiple zones and decided to implement a specific shipping option for orders which are "big and bulky".
Image of step1: Diving into Details
Calcurates created about 20 different shipping zones including countries from all over the world. Next, we configured several UK carriers for the generation of the and multiple table rates for domestic and international shipping methods. Finally, we set up a shipping segment to deal with big and bulky orders.
Image of step2: Configuration
Testing on real cases
Finally, Calcurates tested order processing using the setup. The new configuration allows Skyeskyns to display accurate shipping rates that depend on the customer's location and order subtotal. In this case, we implemented a new "Custom Group" attribute for each specific shipping segment. Now, handling big and bulky orders is not a problem for Skyeskyns.
Image of step3: Testing on real cases
Calcurates Solution in Details
What features helped us achieve the goal for Skyeskyns
'Custom Group' Attribute
For the Skyeskyns case study, Calcurates implemented a new attribute called 'Custom Group'. It applies a certain condition to the particular quantity, weight, or price of the group of products united by a common Magento 2 product attribute.
Shipping Labels Generation
Skyeskyns uses both table rates and carriers. The local carriers are set in order to generate shipping labels, while table rates are used to handle all shipping options available to customers.
Smart Packaging
With Smart Packaging, our client can avoid matching the right package with every order manually. Using product dimensions and a set of custom packages, Calcurates enables Skyeskyns to pick optimal packaging during the label generation in the Magento 2 admin panel.
The Result
Even the most complicated shipping cases have the right solution
  • Shipping and Label Generation Made Easier
    In Skyeskyns's case, we configured local carriers (DHL, Royal Mail, Parcelforce) for the shipping labels generation and table rates to add the required shipping options.
  • Multiple Shipping Zones to Deliver Worldwide
    Skyeskyns ships to various countries at different shipping rates. Shipping zones functionality helped us save time on adding extra shipping methods. We created some conditions to make shipping at checkout work, just as we wanted.
  • Shipping Segment for 'Big & Bulky' Orders
    Some orders are out of regular size. That's why we created a new shipping segment that identifies particular products in the cart to address the order as 'big and bulky'.

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