Shopify Multi-Origin Shipping Rates for Utopia Home

Utopia Home is an Australian owned retail business that specializes in furniture and décor. They are dedicated to helping people create the home of their dreams by offering ideas, inspiration, and quality products sourced from Australian wholesalers.
  • Industry
    Retail (Home Decor)
  • Platform
  • Location
  • Feature set
    Table Rates, Shipping Areas, Flat Rate, Multi-Origin Shipping
  • Config duration
    6 hours including QA
Set different shipping costs depending on Australian destination postcodes and the origins address as products are shipped from different vendors

The Solution by Calcurates

The Calcurates team collaborated with the client to address the challenge by taking the following steps:
  • Defining the configuration
    In response to the client's shipping requirements, the Calcurates Team suggested the following feature set: Shipping Areas, Table Rates, Flat Rate, Multi-Origin Shipping.
  • Multi-Origin Shipping
    15 origins (ship-from locations) were set by mapping them with the Shopify "Vendor" attribute values. The "merged" shipping option has been set to merge multiple shipping options that serve different Origins.
  • Shipping Options
    3 Shipping Options served different Origins were set: 2 Table Rates and 1 Flat Rate. Shipping rates are based on Shipping Areas and calculated combining "fixed rate per unit of weight" and "fixed per order" algorithms.
  • Shipping Areas
    There were 71 Shipping Areas by AUS postcodes set in order to achieve high-accurate shipping rates based on the destination address.
  • QA before going live
    Thorough testing of shipping rates was conducted prior to bringing the Calcurates configuration into the live Shopify store.
The Result
How Calcurates helped Utopia Home set predictable shipping storefront
  • Full control over multi-vendor shipping rates shown at checkout
    Multi-vendor shipping rates using multiple shipping areas by postcodes and custom shipping options: Table Rates and Flat Rate
  • Increased sales due to more affordable shipping costs
    Affordable delivery rates for customers and cost-effective shipping for the business

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