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Wellred Books
See how Calcurates helped Wellred Books start international shipping using table rates for Royal Mail
Our customer, Wellred Books, is a Magento store that sells books and magazines, including electronic copies. The store is located in London and ships its products to the United Kingdom, and most of the countries in the world. Hence, our goal was to set up both domestic and international shipping methods using Royal Mail and UPS live shipping rates functionality.
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Display UPS and Royal Mail live shipping rates and set up Royal Mail shipping methods at checkout using table rates.
How We Helped Wellred Books
Table rates for Royal Mail, live shipping rates for UPS, and several rules to deal with the books weight.
As Royal Mail doesn't have live rates API, we need to set up domestic and international rates using our Table Rates feature. Also, our customer needs live rates from UPS at checkout and some shipping rules as some orders may be quite heavy.
We used Table Rates to set up domestic and international shipping methods and rates from Royal Mail. Also, Wellred books uses UPS (UK) and we connected the client's UPS business account to Calcurates in order to display live rates at checkout.
The final step in solving the Wellred Books case was the addition of shipping rules to separate orders that weight is over 2 kilograms. Those rules were applied to international shipping while the domestic was ruled by the table rates weight segmentation.
Calcurates Solution in Details
What features helped us achieve the goal
Multiple Table Rates
Calcurates functionality allows Wellred Books to simultaneously utilize three different table rates to address orders of different destinations and shipping methods. Table Rates is the perfect way to emulate carrier's shipping rates if they don't have live rates API like Royal Mail in this case.
Shipping Rules
International shipping can cost a lot. So, the Wellred Books case require us to implement simple but effective rules to display the appropriate shipping methods at checkout. First, we used shipping segments to set the weight boundaries. Then, we built rules to make these segments work at checkout.
The Result
Each book will be delivered at the reasonable rate
Table Rates and Carrier Live Rates Combination
Two carriers — two different cases. We made the two different approaches to work together. Royal Mail shipping methods are provided as table rates and we're getting live rates from UPS (UK).
Domestic and International Shipping
Shipping across the UK is configured using table rates. The cart weight affects the shipping rate. At the same time international shipping is covered using two extra table rates with various methods inside.
Shipping Rules for any Shipping Scenario
Shipping rules add more flexibility to Wellred Books' shipping strategy as they allow to hide particular shipping methods depending on the cart weight.

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