Calcurates Configuration Service — Questionnaire

In order to understand your shipping requirements and challenges better, we have designed this brief questionnaire. Once you've submitted the form, our team will get back to you with further steps very soon.
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Your E-Commerce Platform
What shipping challenges are you trying to solve?
How many warehouses (origins) do you ship orders from?
Which carrier rates do you want to display at the checkout?
Where do you ship from?
ie. UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada
Where do you ship to?
ie. UK, USA, Germany, EU, Netherlands, Australia, Canada
Which shipping rules do you need to set up?
Try to briefly describe your shipping rules (we will ask for more details later on). i.e. you don't ship to certain areas or to P.O. boxes, restrict shipping methods if certain item or category in cart, packaging rules, weight restrictions, e.t.c.
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