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Every feature is a part of our ultimate multi-carrier solution for e-commerce designed to make your shipping flexible and cost-effective.
Shipping Zones
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Get the most geo flexibility for your shipping by assigning methods and rates to specific Shipping Zones (Areas) or by creating location-based rules and restrictions.

Custom Shipping Options
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Implement your own calculation algorithms. Use custom Flat Rates, Free Shipping, Table Rates (Matrix Rates) and in-Store Pickup for maximum flexibility. Tailor exact shipping methods that suit your store perfectly.

Carrier Shipping Options
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Connect carriers into your Calcurates account for features like real-time rates, label printing, and order tracking all in one place. Simply synchronize all of your carrier's business accounts with Calcurates, and you are good to go.
Table Rates
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Get access to the most flexible condition-based shipping option that can be easily configured in Calcurates.

Shipping Rules and Restrictions
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Utilize condition-based Shipping Rules and Restrictions and take full control over shipping options, rates, and methods with Calcurates.
International Shipping
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Make international shipping methods available at checkout with accurate rates that include applicable duties and taxes (landed costs).
Estimated Delivery Dates
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Make shipping easier and more predictable for your customers displaying accurate estimated delivery dates for every shipping method at checkout.
In-Store Pickup
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Set up a condition-based In-Store Pickup shipping method and easily manage all pickup points and scheduling.

Volumetric Weight
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Increase the accuracy of shipping rates by enabling Volumetric Weight algorithms in Calcurates and take advantage of cost-effective shipping.
Smart Packaging
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Use Smart Packaging algorithms to pick the optimal packaging automatically for every order based on set custom packaging options and product dimensions. Get the most accurate rates from all the major carriers at checkout.
Rate Shopping
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Compare real-time shipping rates from multiple connected carriers and show the lowest ones so that your customers see only the best shipping options at checkout.

Multi-Origin Shipping
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Multi-Origin or Multi-Vendor Shipping feature allows you to set up shipping methods based on multiple warehouses. Our algorithms automatically select the optimal origin for the product to ship from if it is available in multiple ones.
Shipping on Product Pages
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Use Calcurates to display the most suitable shipping methods right on the product page and benefit from a higher conversion rate.

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