Get Configuration Service and Save Your Time

Setting up cost-effective shipping for e-commerce can be challenging and time-consuming. Calcurates shipping experts are here to help you.

Configuration Steps

Let us know about your shipping requirements and get personal assistance from Calcurates shipping experts
  • Tell us your requirements
    Schedule a personal 30-min call where you tell us about your shipping requirements.
  • Get a quote
    We tell you how many hours the configuration will take and provide you with a quote.
  • We do the configuration
    Once you grant us access to your Calcurates account, our shipping experts will do the configuration for you based on requirements. On average it takes 2-4 hours.
  • Watch the demo
    Once configuration is ready we will do the demo call for you to explain what has been done, so you would be able to make further changes on your own.
  • Go live with Calcurates
    Apply the configuration on your live store and benefit from cost-effective and sales-stimulating shipping with Calcurates!

Free configuration hours

All our yearly and Shopify plans include FREE configuration service from our team.
Per hour rate for other plans is $50.

Configuration Quote

Check the Calcurates configuration example
1 origin

All products are shipped from a single warehouse
7 shipping zones
Shipping option and rates are configured individually for shipping zones based on postal codes
4 shipping options
Conditional Free Shipping and custom Table Rates, USPS live rates for domestic shipping, DHL Express live rates for international orders
5 shipping rules

Rules based on weight, product categories and other product attributes
  • Pro features

    Dimensional Shipping, Landed Cost, Estimated Delivery Dates
  • Cost of configuration: $500

    10 hours spent on configuration

Turn on cost-effective shipping

Get personal assistance from Calcurates shipping experts

Unlock Cost-Effective Shipping with a Help of Calcurates Configuration Services

Calcurates offers comprehensive shipping configuration services tailored to the unique needs of e-commerce businesses. Our team of Calcurates shipping experts specializes in configuring shipping settings for a range of platforms, including Magento, Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. With our expertise, we ensure that your shipping configuration aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Our shipping configuration services cater to both individual and sophisticated shipping requirements. We understand that each business has specific needs, and our team works closely with you to optimize your shipping setup. From real-time shipping rates from major carriers to custom shipping rates, table rates, and even pallet shipping rates, we ensure accurate and competitive pricing for your products.

With our expertise in shipping zones, rules, and restrictions, we help you set up precise parameters to manage your shipping operations effectively. Whether it's dimensional shipping calculations or smart packaging options, our team ensures that your shipping configuration is optimized for efficiency and cost savings.

One of the standout features of Calcurates is the ability to display estimated delivery dates. By integrating this information into your platform, you enhance the customer experience and set clear expectations for delivery times.

For businesses involved in international shipping, our services include the estimation of duties and taxes, simplifying the complex process of cross-border shipping.

Additionally, our multi-origin shipping rates capabilities empower businesses with multiple warehouses or locations. We configure your shipping settings to accommodate various origins, streamlining the shipping process and ensuring accurate rates.

Partner with Calcurates' shipping configuration services to unlock seamless and efficient shipping operations. Our team of experts will work closely with you to tailor your shipping setup according to your business requirements, helping you deliver exceptional service to your customers while optimizing shipping rates and costs.

Experience the difference that expert shipping configuration can make for your e-commerce business with Calcurates. Contact us today to get started.