How to Configure UPS Shipping in Magento

Jun 2020
Nikolay Pasholok
Product Owner, Calcurates
The world of e-commerce is booming. Hundreds of stores open every month, many of which use Magento. Over 250,000 sites that account for 12% of all online stores are powered by this platform, making Magento the second-largest web engine for e-commerce.

Magento offers plenty of easy-to-use options for shipping, but it still might be confusing for first-time users. Let's look at the integration of UPS shipping in Magento and see how you can enhance it with the help of the Calcurates extension.

Get Your UPS Account

Before delving into Magento configuration, you need to create a UPS account (choose a UPS account for businesses to take advantage of special rates and services).
After completing the registration and confirming your e-mail address, you will gain credentials to set up the UPS shipping option in Magento. It includes a user ID, an access license number, your account password, and a gateway XML URL if you've opted for such a UPS XML account.

If you brokered personal rates with your UPS account representative, you would need to get a shipper number to enable UPS negotiated rates in Magento.

UPS Shipping Option Configuration

After you have finished the registration, start the UPS configuration in the Magento admin sidebar.
Step 1
Navigate to the Sales panel of your store's settings, under the Configuration tab. Find the UPS section, enable it for checkout, and fill in all the fields with information you received at the first stage of creating your UPS account.

Step 2
Set the weight, pickup method, destination type, (Residential for B2C or Commercial for B2B), and the package request type.

Step 3
Decide whether handling fees should be charged as a fixed sum or percentage, and per item or order. Then, set the values. To designate a percentage, use decimal numbers (e.g., 0.20 for 20%). This sum should cover your expenses for preparing and sending the order.
Step 4
Set up the UPS services you want to be available to your customers, free shipping options, and thresholds. With Calcurates, you can expand on this option by assigning specific services to categories of items.
Step 5
Specify the countries for which you want the UPS option to be available, and set the alternative shipping methods for non-applicable destinations. You can choose the All Allowed Countries option to include every country to the list of destinations.

Step 6
Set the priority for this shipping option (this will make UPS show higher or lower in the list of available shipping carriers, with 0 as a value being the highest).
Step 7
After clicking Save Config., you have completed a UPS setup for Magento.

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How You Can Use Calcurates

Magento has good built-in customization options for shipping, but you are bound to face certain limits in the default version. If you need a more sophisticated configuration of your shipping routines (for instance, handling various groups of items differently), you're going to need third-party solutions. One of them is Calcurates, a Magento extension for e-commerce that shows correct shipping rates to your customers.

Calcurates can help you make your online business more cost-effective:

  • It adds UPS address validation to Magento, which allows for checking the alphanumeric postcodes the customer puts in and ensuring that there were no mistakes and that the shipment will be delivered to the correct address
  • You can automatically provide customers with the proper UPS tracking number
  • It accounts for all the restrictions and current discounts
  • It helps you calculate rates beforehand and creates a price table for you and your customers to use
  • You can use specific rules and assign attributes to various groups of goods
Calcurates effectively serves as the primary shipping engine for your online store. After activating the extension in the admin sidebar in Magento, you will be able to set up Calcurates through a proprietary dashboard.

The home page of the dashboard has six easy steps outlined for first-time users to get everything started. We recommend following the steps to get everything working correctly.
First, set origins. When you put in several addresses and check the Multiple origins option, Calcurates automatically optimizes the number of origins for every order, considerably bringing down the cost in some cases.

The following step is connecting your website and going through several options similar to a standard Magento setup.

Get More Shipping Options with Calcurates

The main features that set Calcurates apart from other Magento shipping extensions that work with UPS are shipping attributes and rules. The two options go hand-in-hand and allow for the most flexible tuning.

With shipping attributes, you can assign custom tags to groups of items (e.g., alcoholic beverages, unprescribed drugs), creating categories that may require specific handling or extra charges. You can also specify geo attributes for goods located in different areas.

Amasty started developing shipping rules after consulting with dozens of big e-commerce players. This option allows customizing scenarios for every group of items specified both by general Magento categories and shipping attributes assigned through the Calcurates dashboard. It will enable you to assign custom UPS shipping options and prices for items with the same attributes. You can also exclude certain groups of products from free shipping, customize the delivery areas, switch shipping methods, and implement custom scripts for the most tailored shipping behaviors.

Calcurates is not a UPS Magento shipping extension, specifically. It allows you to integrate several carriers worldwide, with some not being available with the stock Magento.

Try a free demo to see all the various options this extension has to offer.
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