Multi-Origin Shipping and Split Checkout for Magento 2 E-commerce

June 2022
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Split shipping methods at the checkout allows to set individual shipping rates for every origin, vendor or supplier. Customers will choose from available shipping methods and their corresponding rates for each origin. With split checkout each shipment will have its own id, thus customers can track each shipment individually. A must have solution for dropshipping and marketplaces.

Why Use Split Order for Your E-commerce

  • Dropshipping store or marketplace
    This is common practice for e-commerce stores using a dropshipping model. A split checkout is used when products within the same order are stored in different suppliers' or vendors' locations. Dropshippers usually let customers make a decision regarding their preferred shipping methods, their corresponding rates, and delivery options.
  • Products are in different warehouses
    The most common cause for split shipping at checkout is that the products are not stored in a single warehouse but spread across more locations. Thus, the order is shipped from multiple locations using different shipping methods and rates. The downside of shipping from multiple locations is that there will be multiple deliveries. On the other hand, the delivery of some items might arrive quicker.
  • Products have different delivery dates and times
    Some orders might include items that are urgent and need to be delivered quicker. In this case, a customer can select the item that needs to be delivered faster and ship the rest of the items via standard ground delivery. The advantage is that a customer can get certain items faster instead of waiting for other items to be delivered.
  • Large products or vary in size
    Another case for using split shipping at checkout is when the order contains standard, small items, and items that are large or of unusual dimensions. Such items sometimes need to be shipped as freight shipments. E-commerce stores that have large and bulky items in their portfolio should offer split checkout for their customers so that the customers can select different shipping methods without creating separate orders.
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The Advantages of Split Checkout for Your Customers
  • Flexible Order Management
    More checkout shipping options mean more order management flexibility for your customers. Options at split checkout can be displaying quicker delivery dates, cheaper rates, or different pickup locations.
  • Overview of Shipping Methods for Individual Order
    The split shipping at checkout feature shows a clear and concise way of displaying shipping rates, and methods for your customers. It is important to show transparency when orders come from multiple sources. The user experience should be very friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Separate Order Tracking
    If the order is split and comes from more sources, customers will appreciate separate tracking for each shipment. Shipments will have different IDs so they will be easy to track and locate.
  • Individual Shipping Rates per Warehouse or Vendor
    This is mostly an advantage for e-commerce stores, as they will be able to control their shipping costs for each warehouse. Individual shipping methods per warehouse make shipping rates accurate and therefore help save money and achieve cost-effective shipping. Displayed shipping rates can be easily changed as the shipping costs go up and down.
Split VS Merged Shipping Methods by Origins at the Checkout:
  • 1
    Split Checkout
    A split checkout is common for e-commerce doing dropshipping or functioning as a marketplace. E-commerce stores implement split checkout when their products are large or of unusual dimensions. Split checkout can be also applied when products are stored in different locations and it makes more sense to ship them separately. A possible reason for split checkout can be stock availability. If one item isn't available at the moment, it is possible to ship at least items that are in stock. Split checkout makes order management more convenient and easier for customers. At the same time, it allows them more flexibility and choice with their shipments.
    At the split checkout, customers choose from more shipping options and their rates indicated by the e-commerce business.
  • 2
    Merged Shipping Methods
    Alternatively, you may avoid split checkout and set merged shipping methods instead. With a merged shipping method you can sum up shipping rates per warehouse and display a single shipping method with the total amount as a shipping rate. For example, you ship from warehouse A for a $10 Flat Rate and from warehouse B for $19 with FedEx. If the order has items stocked in warehouses A and B, you would display a merged shipping method (called “Standard Delivery”, for example) with a rate of $29.
  • 3
    No Split Checkout
    E-commerce businesses that do not offer split checkout or merged shipping methods usually ship orders from a single warehouse and their product portfolio is not that diverse. In this case, the order will be sent together and to avoid overcomplication there is only one shipping method and options displayed at the checkout.
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How to Split Order Based on Origin in Magento 2 with Calcurates

Let see how you can set up Split Checkout by Origins with Calcurates shipping extension for Magento.
Image of multi-origin feature and split checkout
1. Enable the Multi-Origin feature in your Calcurates account

Calcurates has the Multi-Origin feature that helps you set up shipping methods across multiple origins.
Image of synchronize origins in magento 2
2. Sync Magento sources with Calcurates

There are Origins in your Calcurates account and you should synchronize them with your Magento. This is how Calcurates knows where your products are stocked in order to return the right shipping methods. There are 2 options to sync origins:

  1. Magento MSI sources. You may import your Magento sources into Calcurates.
  2. Product attribute. You may set a product attribute that will be responsible for the Origin in your Magento.
Image of shipping origins
3. Add Shipping Options for every Origin

In Calcurates you may create multiple shipping options and methods and make them serve different Origins. Also, one shipping option or method may serve multiple Origins.
Image of split checkout activation
4. Activate Split Checkout

The final step is to activate split checkout behavior on a Magento side. This can be done in Calcurates extension configuration settings.
This is how split checkout behavior looks like at your Magento checkout and inside the Order:
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