The Rise of Same-Day Delivery:
Strategies to Stay Competitive in Fast-Paced Shipping

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The ecommerce revolution is only fifteen years or so old, yet things have changed dramatically from even a decade ago. Three-day shipping was considered fast, then Amazon introduced the idea of next day delivery, and that became the expectation for customers everywhere. Now we have gone a step further, and same day delivery is being offered in increasing numbers of online stores covering a wide range of markets.

There are several reasons for this, one of which is that consumers want stuff immediately. Brick-and-mortar stores have always had an advantage in the immediacy of purchase, you pay your money, you get your reward, it satisfies the impulse mechanism in a way that pressing the buy button then waiting 2 – 5 days to get your product simply cannot. While not immediate, same day delivery ecommerce solutions do offer a viable alternative, and as with any retail environment, offering customers what they want is a big part of maintaining success.

Understanding why same day delivery for shops is popular is one thing though, implementing it effectively is another. Here are a few ideas to help you embrace same day shipping effectively to boost your business and provide a valued service for your customers.

How fast is same day shipping?

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There are two concepts at work in same day product shipping. Same day delivery means that you order a product, and it is delivered to you within 24 hours, although increasingly it can be on the same day. There are usually restrictions on this, with a specific cut-off time for orders and often restricted to certain areas, usually major cities. This is to overcome the practical limitations of moving a product from one place to another within a working day.

The other is shipping. How fast is same day shipping? It can be any speed, it means the order will be dispatched that day, then it takes as long to deliver as the carrier service claims. For instance, one day delivery with same day shipping will get your goods to their destination tomorrow. It is important not to confuse the two, because it can cause disappointment and negative reviews.

How does a same day delivery ecommerce solution work?

Several carriers now provide same day delivery options as standard with their services, and if you use an automated shipping rate calculator, such as Calcurates, you can easily add them to your shipping options during checkout. However, there is more to offering this fast delivery solution than ticking a box with UPS or FedEx.

In essence, same day delivery works the same way as any delivery service, you notify the carrier of a shipment to be collected, they pick it up, in this case within the hour, then they transport it to the recipient. However, for same day delivery there are usually some caveats. First is cut-off time, this depends on locations and destinations, but could be anything from midday to 2 PM. After this, orders won’t be delivered until the next working day.

The other is destination. Certain areas or regions may be unable to use a same day service, simply because it is not practical to reach those places that quickly. In general, same day delivery is reliably available for major cities, but sporadic in more remote areas.

Larger companies can overcome some of this by working with logistics companies to keep stock in multiple locations across the country. Strategic positioning of warehousing can mean whatever product is ordered, there is a facility within easy reach for same day delivery, although the costs involved in this kind of approach mean it is impractical for smaller online retailers. It is this strategy that allows Amazon to offer such fast delivery across the country.
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Implementing same day delivery ecommerce solutions

It is important that you have everything in order before offering this type of shipping service. Customers will choose this option because they are looking for their products immediately, and they are prepared to pay a lot extra to get it. If you don't have everything in place and let them down, your brand image will take a hit, same day delivery for shops is a big commitment, you need to get it right first time.

With a carrier chosen, you need to establish everything you need to make it work. Talk to the carrier and get clarity on cut off times for orders, any areas that are excluded and so on. Make all this very clear in your terms and description of same day delivery for customers, so that everyone is fully aware of what it is they are getting.

There is also work to be done in the back end too, an order for same day delivery will usually be collected within an hour of notification. That means it needs to be picked and packed quickly too. Ensuring you have a process in place to prioritize same day delivery ecommerce orders is also essential to a smooth rollout of the service and satisfied customers.

With all that in place, you can begin to offer the shipping option, and your business will benefit in a number of ways.
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Advantages of same day delivery

Customers are looking for these fast delivery options, and that demand is driving adoption, but there are other advantages for your business by including same day delivery as a shipping option. These include:
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Decreased Cart Abandonment
  • Maintain Market Competitiveness
  • Add Value to your Brand
With customers prepared to pay the additional costs for fast delivery, if you have the products that fit this kind of retail experience, it is definitely something to introduce for your business sooner rather than later.


Same day delivery ecommerce solutions are not easy to implement, requiring planning and forethought, but they offer consumers a significantly improved experience, one they are actively looking for.

By partnering with a reliable carrier, understanding what they can and cannot do, and explaining all aspects of the service clearly and accurately, you can add value to the customer experience and fulfill all expectations with all the advantages that brings.

As trends show that demand for faster delivery is constantly increasing, same day delivery is going to be an essential part of online ecommerce in the future, so it makes sense to prepare for that today.
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