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Jul 2020
Nikolay Pasholok
Product Owner, Calcurates
Dynamic Parcel Distribution or DPD is the second-largest CEP carrier in Europe, with over 5.3 mln items delivered daily. Although the DPD shipping company started as a German entity, now it is owned and has been rebranded by the French postal service, La Poste. As it is a part of the Geopost holding, the delivery network includes brands like Chronopost, SEUR, and BRT, besides DPD's own parcel services and parcel shipping offices.

The company declares it aims to become the best delivery network in Europe and Asia and invests a great deal in e-commerce support and the urgent delivery market. DPD implements innovative approaches to shipping, like using drones and autonomous vehicles. The carrier also keeps it eco-friendly by using electric cars and volunteers to become carbon-neutral.

One of their main selling points is the flexibility of choosing pickup spots. With the largest sorting hub in Europe and over 46,000 self-service lockers and parcel shops across European and Asian countries, customers can choose the closest place and pick up the delivery when it's comfortable. DPD claims that the pickup point network is so vast that 95% of Europeans live less than 15 minutes away from one.

DPD's online services and mobile apps complement the shipping and allow customers to pick time frames, track the delivery, and contact the client support if need be.

The carrier's network continually expands, but, as of 2020, it hasn't entered the North American market and focuses on European deliveries. With DPD, you can ship to the US, but not order delivery from there.

DPD Shipping Rates

As DPD operates directly from over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, there is no single list of rates. For each country, the company tailored its own set of services and prices in national currency. The cost of shipping depends on the volume or the volumetric weight of the parcel across all services.

To better understand DPD's pricing, let's look at its rates for the UK.

Domestic Shipping

DPD offers several shipping options using drop-off points and couriers.

Shop to Shop

You leave the parcel at one of 2,500 drop-off points, and the recipient collects the delivery from a shop near them. The weight is limited to 20 kg, and volume should not exceed 120 cm for the sum of two sides.

Drop off at Shop

You leave the package at a drop-off point, and the courier will deliver it to the recipient. The weight is limited by 20 kg, and volume should not exceed 120 cm for the sum of two sides.

Door 2 Door

The parcel is collected from one location and delivered directly to the recipient. The sender can choose the time of the day for the delivery. The maximum weight is 30 kg and maximum girth (length + width + height) is 230 cm.
DPD is also the only shipping company that offers both Saturday and Sunday deliveries in the UK. The option is only available for courier Door 2 Door services.

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International Shipping

For international deliveries, the carrier offers ground shipping (DPD Classic) and Air options. The availability of certain options and the time frames for deliveries depend on the countries of origin and destination.

DPD Classic

A road-based service that delivers within Europe and several connected countries.

DPD Air Classic

An international shipping option for non-time-sensitive orders that can be delivered to destinations outside of DPD's road network.

DPD Air Express

DPD's express option with the broadest coverage of all the carrier's services (over 230 countries)

There are limits of the maximum weight of 31.5 kg and the maximum girth of 300 cm for all international services. If you choose to use the drop-off points, the maximum weight is 20 kg and a maximum girth of 180 cm with no sides exceeding 60 cm.

DPD's international shipping rates vary from country to country and deserve close attention since, for some routes, it is faster to use the cheaper DPD Classic than a more expensive air option. Here is a list of rates for delivery from the UK to Germany.

In this case, it takes two days to deliver with DPD Classic (with Air Express) versus three days with Air Classic, which is the more expensive option.
DPD is shipping internationally even to areas that don't have offices like the US. However, the options are limited to Door 2 Door — Air Express for countries outside of DPD's main network.

For a more detailed price guide of DPD's services in each country, consult the corresponding websites.

Time Frames for Deliveries with DPD

With an emphasis on express deliveries, DPD tries to minimize the time frames across all of its services. On average, you can expect next-day deliveries for domestic orders and two to four days for international shipping. DPD also introduced same-day local deliveries in certain European countries like Spain, France, Belgium, or Luxembourg. In Spain and Germany, the carrier is known to perform order fulfillment in as long as two hours, allowing DPD to tap new markets like e-commerce food delivery.

Every company's service includes Predict — a tool that allows customers to know precisely when DPD will deliver their item. Recipients can choose a precise, one-hour time slot in advance and even change the address on the fly.

DPD Tracking

DPD invests a lot in their tracking system. The carrier includes the Follow My Parcel option with every service. It allows customers to track their goods on a live map, with updates every 15 minutes. DPD's live tracking is one-of-a-kind and has options, like delivering to a neighbor (if the recipient is unavailable) or delivering to a drop-off point instead of the original destination.

Along with a standard DPD's tracking number, you can use the MyDPD section of the official website to access the tracking information.

DPD offers international tracking, even outside its main shipping network.

DPD Integration with Calcurates

DPD provides a robust API for integration, but it's yet to be included in a standard version of Magento. You can use DPD as the shipping carrier in your online store if you install Calcurates shipping extension. Calcurates allows you to automatically receive DPD's parcel tracking information and take advantage of all the features of the carrier's services. Calcurates shows you the best rates, including taxes and duties, checks for any changes on the carrier's side, and can be used as a price calculator for DPD's (and many other carriers') services when setting up shipping options in your Magento store.

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