Best Packaging for Ecommerce Products. Shipping Labels

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How do you ensure that your products arrive to your customer safely and on time?

In the world of e-commerce, packaging is a form of art that is part and parcel of online success.

When it comes to e-commerce, you need to make sure your items are packaged safely and snugly so you can avoid extra costs and prevent any possible damage to your shipments.

This unique art starts with selecting the right packaging materials and methods so you can protect your precious products in transit.

The Best E-commerce Packaging

Image of Packaging for Ecommerce Products
If you want to maintain your item’s integrity in transit, choosing the best packaging for your e-commerce business is an essential step that cannot be overlooked.

To come up with the most reliable packaging solution, consider the following factors: your item’s size, weight, and how fragile it is. However, the most durable and versatile packaging option is a corrugated box.

Packaging for E-commerce Products

Careful consideration of packaging materials for e-commerce products always pays off in the long run. Don’t forget — if your items arrive damaged, you will have to pay for return labels.

Provide enough cushioning for your items, for example, inner packaging materials, such as bubble wrap or tissue paper. You don’t want your customer to receive a scratched or dented product.

For fragile items, you can use the so-called dividers or padded envelopes to keep items apart from each other.

Sustainable Packaging for E-commerce

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In a crowded marketplace, sustainability is a huge factor when it comes to improving your brand image.

Try to use as many eco-friendly packaging materials as possible to reduce toxic waste. Opt for packaging materials made from recycled or sustainable sources whenever possible.

Check out biodegradable or compostable packaging options to reduce overall carbon footprint. Eco-conscious customers favor businesses that adopt sustainability practices and take care to reduce their environmental impact.

Shipping Labels in E-commerce

When it comes to getting your packages from point A to point B without any glitches, your first task is to ensure that your labels contain correct information. Check that your packages have clear labels with accurate recipient and return addresses. It’s not uncommon for parcels to end up in wrong hands or getting lost in the shipping abyss!

Use integrated (the so-called peel-out labels) or print directly on the packaging to simplify the process and minimize the risk of label detachment.

You can also include barcodes for smoother logistics when your parcel is moving through the order-to-delivery process. This allows for easy tracking and helps avoid errors and delays in the delivery process.
Image of Shipping Labels in E-commerce

Ensuring Product Safety

If you want your precious items to reach the buyer in one piece (they often don’t), you must take packaging seriously. How do you make your product snug and safe within your packaging?

Rule number one is this — say goodbye to empty space! Whatever you are shipping, your items cannot dangle loose in the packaging.

Secure them with some crumpled paper, foam, or air pillows. Those little fillers will keep your items from jostling around during the long and bumpy journey. It’s important for your peace of mind too — you don't want any surprises when your customers open their packages.
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Fragile Items Labeling

Fragile items deserve special treatment. And they should be labeled appropriately.

When it comes to shipping delicate things, make sure you have a big label on those packages saying “Fragile” or “Handle with Care.” Shipping carriers and handlers must know that they are dealing with something delicate and need to give it some extra care.

It’s all about reducing the risk of breakage!
Image of Fragile Items Labeling

Providing Tracking Information

Transparency is the name of the game in e-commerce. Keep your customers in the loop by providing them with exhaustive tracking information. This practice will build trust and win customer loyalty.

When you share tracking info with your customers, it's like inviting them to witness the shipping process from start to finish. They can monitor their item’s journey from the warehouse to their front door. It's like putting a personal GPS beacon on their goodies and giving them additional peace of mind.

Testing Packaging Durability

To make sure your packages can handle a bumpy ride, put them through some hardcore durability tests. That is, simulate different scenarios of hitting, falling, and vibrating to see how well your packaging holds up.

The rule of thumb is this: if you can drop your package from 6 feet without causing any damage, you are good to go.

By subjecting your packaging to these simulated conditions, you'll get an idea of how safe your contents will be on the way. If something gets damages during the test, no worries! It’s much-much cheaper to damage one item than to damage the reputation of your business.

In addition, you will know exactly what you need to adjust to improve the overall packaging quality.

Continuous Improvement

Image of Continuous Improvement of package
In the world of packaging and labeling, it’s important to test and evaluate continuously.

Take some time to sit back, reflect, and evaluate the quality of your packaging and labeling. Identify areas where you can improve. If you listen to your client closely, there’s always room for improvement.

So, reach out for your customers and ask for their feedback. They are your experts in customer experience!

By getting their insights, you'll uncover hidden nuggets of wisdom that can guide you to success. Asking your clients’ feedback is like having your own focus group that gives you all the necessary info to continuously improve your ROI.

Here's another tip: stay in the know about any novelties in the packaging world. Familiarize yourself with industry trends and new packaging materials. These industries develop very rapidly.

Follow these simple steps to always be ahead of the game by delivering your packages with that extra touch of excellence.


If you want to wow your customers every time they get an item, make sure it arrives safe and sound, on time and in style.

Utilize the best practices for packaging and labeling, and you will have no more worries about breakage or mishaps along the way. Make your customers smile when they receive their orders intact.
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