How to Manage Shopify Multi-Vendor Shipping With a an App

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Multi-vendor shipping requires lots of planning, managing, and monitoring. The hardest part though is the shipping process. Shopify has a limited choice of multi-vendor shipping apps. Shopify Shipping itself doesn’t offer multi-vendor shipping. So, how can you solve multi-vendor shipping for Shopify's e-commerce store? Multi-vendor shipping can be solved with a third-party Shopify shipping app.

What Is Multi-Vendor Shipping?

Multi-vendor shipping is a term used when products are shipped to a customer from two or more vendors from various locations. Multi-vendor shipping is about managing and calculating shipping rates based on multiple shipping methods from different locations or warehouses.
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What Is Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

A multi-vendor marketplace allows you to add more vendors to your existing e-commerce store on any e-commerce platform. Multi-vendor marketplace apps help you automate the whole shipping process, including fulfillment, payment, and order management.

What Is Multi-Vendor Store?

The multi-vendor store offers products from multiple vendors under one roof with a unified shipping policy. Usually, as a multi-vendor store manager, you do not keep products in your own storehouse. In this case, you simply act as a moderator between the vendor and the customer. Thus, you might consider a multi-vendor shipping app to help you with the automation of the shipping process.

Why Is Multi-Vendor Shipping Popular Today?

The majority of the Shopify apps have default shipping options such as flat rates, table rates, and multiple carriers to add to your account. But how would you calculate shipping rates for a multi-vendor store?
Imagine your customer from Pittsburgh orders products from different cities in the United States:
There are a couple of problems that arise here. First, shipping costs will consist of two shipments. Second, how is the order going to be dispatched from different vendors? Third, what if you need to use more carriers?

Shopify Shipping does not offer multi-vendor shipping. So, that is not an option here. A key to managing multi-vendor shipping efficiently is a third-party Shopify shipping app. Calcurates can help you automate the whole multi-vendor shipping process. Our multi-origin shipping feature includes origin-based shipping methods, origin selection based on the stock quantity and distance, and more.
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What Does Shopify Multi-Vendor Shipping Offer?

Shopify is a very easy-to-use e-commerce platform to build your e-commerce store. By default, Shopify only allows the user to ship from a single location. This means that shipping costs are calculated as if shipped from a single location. Likewise, the application of shipping options and methods to optimize the multi-vendor shipping process is not possible. The e-commerce owner should have a say when it comes to the application of shipping options and methods. The right shipping option ensures that the profit won't be wiped out by the shipping costs completely.
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What Are the Advantages Multi-Vendor Shipping on Shopify?
  • No Inventory Management
    With multi-vendor shipping, there are no problems with storing, warehousing, picking, and packaging. The responsibility is on the sellers.
  • Lower Initial Investment
    The biggest investment for any multi-vendor store will be the maintenance of the website and shipping costs related to shipping.
  • Broader Product Portfolio
    More sellers on your e-commerce site mean a broader product range. More products on-site can also broaden your target audience.

What are the Challenges of Multi-Vendor Shipping?

Not only related to Shopify Multi-vendor Shipping
  • 1
    Management Issues
    You will need to manage multiple vendors. Failure to manage some vendors might result in vendor dropout. Also, if customers are not happy with the product they will complain to you, not the supplier.
  • 2
    Suppliers on Your Website
    Your job as a retailer is to bring all the suppliers under one roof and help them with sales. You can charge a small, fixed fee or commission for the advertising.
  • 3
    Guarantee of Quality
    You should guarantee product quality, so allowing other vendors to sell their products on your e-commerce is a great responsibility. Make sure you trust your vendors and their product to be of the highest quality.
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Are There any Third-party Multi-vendor Shipping Solutions That Solve Multi-vendor Shipping?

Shopify does not support multi-vendor shipping, you will need a third-party multi-vendor shipping app.
Onport (ex 'Jetti')
Onport is a multi-vendor marketplace that directly integrates with your vendors and e-commerce store. Key features are shipping labels, shipping rules, shipping rates, dropshipping, and payment management. Onport offers a simplified payment system and shipping reports to monitor shipping costs. The price starts from $1000/month.
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ShipTurtle Multi-Vendor
A ShipTurtle is a multi-vendor marketplace that helps you with fulfillment automation, label generations, and tracking. Fulfillment automation includes order management, shipping, delivery, and returns. The app integrates with many international carriers. ShipTurtle offers a 7-day long free trial.
Calcurates is multi-carrier shipping software that helps your business calculate and display the right shipping methods and rates at the checkout. Making your shipping cost-effective and sales-stimulating. Calcurates has many ts advanced features including multi-vendor shipping as well.

The price starts at $49/month.
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How Does Multi-vendor Shipping on Shopify Look Like With Calcurates ?

  • Shopify Vendors
    Calcurates Shopify App imports all your Shopify vendors and you are able to set the shipping from the location for each of them in your Calcurates account.
  • Shipping Methods and Options
    In your Calcurates account, you can create and assign shipping options and methods to certain vendors (origins).
  • Shipping Rates
    Once your customer reaches checkout, Shopify requests shipping methods and rates from your Calcurates account.
  • Vendor Attribute
    By vendor attribute, Calcurates knows which vendor belongs to what product in the order and returns available shipping methods and rates.
  • Products From Multiple Vendors
    If there are products from multiple vendors, Calcurates sums up individual shipping rates by the vendor.
  • Vendor Options
    With Calcurates, you may set different shipping rules, restrictions, and delivery dates by the vendor.
  • Pricing Plan
    The price of the shipping app starts at $29/month.
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