Calcurates and Amasty One Step Checkout:
Enhancing Magento Checkout and Shipping Experience

Image of compatibility Calcurates and Amasty One Step Checkout
Calcurates, the leading all-in-one shipping management solution, is thrilled to announce its full compatibility with Amasty One Step Checkout for Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce. This integration brings together two powerful tools, empowering e-commerce businesses to elevate their checkout experience and drive revenue growth.

Amasty One Step Checkout is a feature-rich extension designed to streamline the checkout process. With its fast and customizable one-step checkout page, it enables businesses to provide shoppers with a smooth and hassle-free experience. The extension offers a drag-and-drop layout builder, allowing store owners to effortlessly customize the Magento checkout page to match their branding and design preferences.

Now, with the seamless integration of Calcurates and Amasty One Step Checkout, store owners can further enhance their checkout process. Customers will benefit from a unified and efficient shopping experience, complemented by Calcurates' robust shipping management capabilities. The integration enables the display of multiple shipping methods, including real-time rates from major carriers, delivery information messages, and flexible delivery date and time options.

By combining the power of Calcurates and Amasty One Step Checkout, Magento and Adobe Commerce stores can achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Customers can enjoy a seamless checkout process while being presented with accurate shipping options and delivery details, all in one place.
We are excited to collaborate with Amasty and offer our mutual customers a comprehensive solution that optimizes both the checkout process and shipping management.
This compatibility empowers businesses to provide an exceptional user experience and drive growth by streamlining their operations.
Image of Nikolay Pasholok
Nik Pasholok
CEO at Calcurates
The compatibility between Calcurates and Amasty One Step Checkout is now available, offering Magento and Adobe Commerce stores the opportunity to elevate their checkout and shipping process and boost customer satisfaction.
Calcurates is a leading all-in-one shipping management solution that helps e-commerce businesses effectively manage their shipping methods, rates, rules, and delivery dates. With seamless integrations with major e-commerce platforms, Calcurates bridges the gap between shipping rates displayed at checkout and the actual shipping costs borne by businesses, enabling cost-effective and sales-stimulating shipping strategies.
Amasty is a leading Magento extension builder that helps thousands of retailers scale their businesses to the next level. For 14+ years, Amasty is in step with e-commerce, spotting emerging problems, and developing new solutions to address them. Today Amasty clients can pick from 300+ extensions and services for all kinds of retail needs. Amasty is into the e-commerce market itself and knows what may go for everybody in the business.
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