Calcurates Guide on Shipping With USPS for Ecommerce

Feb 2021
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What are the USPS Domestic Shipping Options?

USPS offers many domestic shipping options for mail and package deliveries. The great advantage is that you can use the USPS Click-N-Ship® to print a shipping label at home, and even schedule USPS pick-up from home or office.

Currently, USPS is offering these domestic shipping services:
  • priority mail express
  • priority mail
  • USPS retail ground
  • media mail
  • first-class mail
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USPS First Class vs Priority Mail

USPS First Class Mail is used for shipping letters, envelopes, and lightweight packages. USPS Priority Mail is for top priority shipments that need to be shipped quickly. The services are not comparable, USPS First Class is about shipping, and USPS Priority Mail is about delivery.

Priority Mail is quicker and the weight limit is 70 lbs. Thus it is also more expensive. Packages under 16 oz should be shipped via First Class Mail, anything over 16 oz should be shipped with Priority Mail.
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What is Click-N-Ship®?

Click-N-Ship is the USPS shipping service, with which you can ship directly from home. You can use supplies from Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express® for shipping.
How does Click-N-Ship work?
Order Click-N-Ship, print shipping labels, and schedule package pickup online. To USPS schedule pickup, all you need to do is to fill out the pickup address.

What are the USPS International Shipping Options?

USPS offers a wide range of international shipping services depending on postage prices, delivery times, shipping destination, tracking service, and more.

The main USPS international shipping services are global express guaranteed, priority mail express international, priority mail international, first-class mail international, first-class package international service, airmail M-bags.
Check out how to track a USPS package with and without a tracking number, directly at the post office and through the website.
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What are USPS Delivery Options?

Informed delivery
Informed Delivery is the USPS free home delivery. You can digitally manage your upcoming mail and packages. Informed Delivery purely informs customers about their scheduled delivery. To track packages, create an account, and verify your identity.

Hold for Pickup
Hold for Pickup is a delivery option that allows a receiver to pick up the package directly at the Post Office or any other similar location. You can use the USPS post office locator to search for available pick-up locations.

Premium Forwarding Service Residential®
A great option for anyone planning a long-term vacation or relocating abroad. Forward Mail service forwards your mail from your home address to your new temporary address. For a weekly fee, mail can be sent to you starting from a period of at least 2 weeks up to 1 whole year.
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How Long Do Deliveries With USPS Take?

USPS domestic delivery service takes anywhere from 1 to 8 days. Domestic shipping services cost from $3 to $27.

USPS international deliveries take on average from 1 to 10 days. The starting price is $1.20 and can be up to $61.70.

Does USPS Deliver on Weekends?

Yes, USPS delivers on weekends, though only a limited number of services are available for weekend delivery. First Class Mail delivers on Saturdays only. Priority Mail Express delivers both on Saturday and Sunday.

What Are the USPS Small Business Solutions?

USPS offers tools and services tailored to the needs of small businesses. As a business owner, you can take advantage of USPS loyalty rewards which include Click-N-Ship®, marketing, and advertising help, or free shipping supplies. For more info visit USPS small business official site.

How Does USPS Compare to FedEx and UPS?

Each carrier has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages. USPS is generally regarded as the most affordable carrier of all, with many drop-off points. USPS is reporting an unprecedented increase in volume due to the impact of pandemics. To see the advantages and disadvantages of USPS vs USP vs FedEx have a look here.

How to Integrate USPS on Magento 2 & WooCommerce With Calcurates?

  1. Request USPS carrier in your Calcurates account
  2. Connect USPS with Calcurates using your USPS account credentials
  3. Synchronize services and packages that are available for your USPS account
  4. Create a shipping option with a connected USPS carrier
  5. Enable certain USPS packages and services you want to display at checkout
  6. Start displaying real-time rates for selected USPS services at checkout
  7. Generate USPS shipping labels and get tracking numbers right in your Magento (this step is not applicable for WooCommerce e-commerces yet)
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