FedEx Shipping for Small Businesses on Magento 2

March  2021
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What Is FedEx Small Business Center?

At FedEx Small Business Center you can request technical support, develop your shipping and returns strategy, gain insight from other entrepreneurs, earn and save money, gain various discounts and advantages. One of them is the option to save on shipping and printing for instance.
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Do Small Businesses Need Export License With FedEx International Shipping Option?

Have a look at Export Control Classification Number to see if you need an export license, it is a five-digit long code. Check out international shipping and landed costs to avoid surprising your customers with unexpected extra costs upon receiving an order from abroad; not showing landed costs at the checkout might result in low customer satisfaction.

What Are the FedEx Pickup Options for Small Businesses?

Recurring FedEx pickup
This shipping option is meant for frequent shippers and small e-commerce businesses. Schedule pickup based on your shipping routine and shipping needs. However, this shipping option is eligible only for retailers who do not ship daily. To avoid this restriction, ship in bulk during specific weekdays or avoid weekend shipping.

Drop off at a FedEx location
FedEx offers many Drop Off Points all across the country. You can drop off your package at any FedEx Office location, or participating locations such as Walgreens, some grocery stores, or in some cases also Drop Off boxes provided by FedEx.
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How Long Does it Take FedEx to Deliver a Package?

Depending on the shipping service selected, product attributes, and shipping destination FedEx offers delivery from within a few hours up to 7 days. Some of the shipping services include weekend delivery or delivery during the holiday season.

What Are FedEx Delivery Hours?

If your customers want to know the specific time of delivery refer them to FedEx Appointment Home Delivery. FedEx staff will contact them to arrange for a specific delivery time and date. You can also schedule an evening delivery with FedEx. This service delivers between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Calcurates shipping software displays accurate Estimated Delivery Dates for any FedEx service at checkout.
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Does FedEx Deliver on Weekends?

Certain FedEx shipping services run 7 days a week and offer Saturday and Sunday delivery for no extra costs. For instance, FedEx Home Delivery also operates during weekends.

What Is a FedEx Delivery Manager®?

This is a premium service offered by FedEx. It allows you to track your package, arrange pickup at the nearby delivery, redirect the delivery, hold temporarily your package at the FedEx locations, and get notifications about your delivery.

How to Track a FedEx Package?

It is very easy to track the FedEx package and there are plenty of options to choose from.

FedEx website
Just go to the FedEx tracking page and enter the number into the search bar. You can enter the FedEx tracking number, door tag, or order number from the FedEx office.

Google widget
If you just type in 'FedEx tracking" into Google, the first thing you will see is a search bar by FedEx where you can simply type your tracking number into. It is all operated by FedEx.

Call FedEx number
If you prefer calling before searching online, simply call 1.800.463.3339 for U.S customer support.
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How Do FedEx Package Returns Work for Small Businesses?

FedEx offers several business returns solutions to fit your business needs and improve your customers’ satisfaction. There is a bundle of returns resources to get inspired by and implement for your business.

QR code labels
Create QR code labels for your customers with FedEx Returns Technology. Customers have the option to avoid having to print the labels. Additionally having everything online helps to run the business more smoothly and efficiently. 

Print and email labels
This option allows you to print or email return labels for your customers. The return labels are done on spot and can be requested via the FedEx website.

Drop Off options
Give your customers the option to drop off the package at the countless FedEx Drop Off locations in their neighborhood.

Is FedEx Shipping Manager Available On Magento 2?

Yes, FedEx Shipping Manager is available on Magento Marketplace and costs around $200.00. FedEx Shipping Manager for Magento allows the retailer to print shipping labels and return labels. It automatically adds the tracking number to the shipping label which can be then emailed to the customers. However, this might be a bit limited for the amount of money.
Calcurates is all-inclusive shipping software that seamlessly integrates with FedEx. And offers many advanced features such as Estimated Delivery Dates, International Shipping and Landed Costs, Rate Shopping, Smart Packaging, and even more.

How To Integrate FedEx with Magento 2 to Calcurates?

  1. Request FedEx carrier in your Calcurates account
  2. Connect FedEx with Calcurates using your FedEx account credentials
  3. Synchronize services and packages that are available for your FedEx account
  4. Create a shipping option with a connected FedEx carrier
  5. Enable certain FedEx packages and services you want to display at checkout
  6. Start displaying real-time rates for selected FedEx services at checkout
  7. Generate FedEx shipping labels and get tracking numbers right in your Magento
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