How much does your E-Commerce lose on shipping?

Due to inaccurate shipping rates at checkout you whether loose money on shipping or your customers overpay and get negative experience

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How to avoid shipping losses?

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Shipping matters:
More than 86% of cart abandonment is related to high shipping costs and inconvenience (eMarketer)
Calcurates is a shipping software that helps you set up cost-effective shipping for your E-Commerce
Save on shipping

Reduce the gap between shipping costs and displayed shipping rates
Don't force customers to overpay
Display the most accurate shipping rates at checkout.
Reduce cart abandonment
Increase conversions due to fair shipping prices at checkout

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How Calcurates Works

Integrates With Top E-Commerce Platforms
Calcurates Pay As You Go Pricing
Usage-based pricing that flexes with you
Below 2,000 credits/mo.

For low order volume e-commerce businesses
Volume Discounts
less than 10,000 extra credits — $0.01 per credit
10,001-50,000 extra credits — $0.008 per credit
50,001-500,000 extra credits — $0.006 per credit
more than 500,000 extra credits — $0.004 per credit
Options to Spend Credits
Custom Rates: 1 credit per 1 shipping option quote
Carrier Rates: 2 credits per 1 shipping option quote
Landed Cost: 36 credits per estimate
Address Validation (US): 4 credits per address
Address Validation (Worldwide): 24 credits per address

Calcurates Helps E-Commerce Not To Lose Money On Shipping

We work hard every day to set up cost-effective shipping for our clients

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