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The Calcurates shipping calculation app for Shopify integrates with DHL to provide your Shopify checkout with real-time rates from DHL and other carriers.
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DHL Shipping Rates App for Shopify

DHL has a rich history and global reach. With shipping hubs in the U.S., Germany, and Hong Kong, DHL services hundreds of countries and territories around the world quickly and without interruptions. The hubs enable the carrier to provide next-day deliveries in big cities, as well as shipments that take no more than 4–5 days even to remote addresses. The company keeps pricing competitive while offering a wide variety of domestic and international shipping options, making it perfect for businesses aimed at global markets. Bring DHL real-time rates to Shopify checkout with the Calcurates app.
DHL Shipping Rates App for Shopify
What You Get with DHL Shopify Integration via Calcurates App
DHL Real-Time Shipping Rates for Shopify
Set and customize DHL shipping option and enable certain DHL services for your Shopify checkout. Get real-time DHL shipping rates and display them right at your Shopify checkout.
DHL Shipping Rules and Restrictions for Shopify
Apply the shipping rules and restrictions for DHL rates to create customized carrier-specific shipping scenarios in Shopify. Use a variety of attributes to create a condition set for your Shopify shipping rules.
DHL International Shipping Rates for Shopify
Calcurates Shopify app gets DHL shipping rates with tax & duties, including landed cost, directly from DHL.
DHL Delivery Dates for Shopify
Make your estimated DHL shipping delivery dates visible for every customer's order at Shopify checkout.

Turn on DHL Shipping for your Shopify Store

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Connect Your DHL Account to Calcurates Shopify App

Enter the details for your existing DHL Business account in the Carriers section of the Calcurates Shopify App Dashboard. Find more information in the user guide.

Even More Flexibility for DHL Shipping Rates for Shopify

when combined with other Calcurates features
DHL Shipping Zones
DHL Shipping Rules and Restrictions
DHL International Shipping
DHL Estimated Delivery Dates noted in calendar
DHL Dimensional Weight
DHL Smart Packaging

DHL Shipping Rates for Shopify — FAQ

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