Custom Shipping Calculations

Implement your own calculation algorithms. Use custom Flat Rates, Free Shipping, Table Rates (Shipping Matrix), and in-Store Pickup for maximum flexibility. Tailor exact shipping methods that suit your store perfectly.
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What are Custom Shipping Calculations?
Custom Shipping calculation is a specific self-made shipping scenario and rate calculation algorithm that can be easily configured in Calcurates with zero-coding. While typically all the calculations are made on the carrier's side, Calcurates allows you to configure a custom algorithm and calculate the shipping costs within the extension. Use one of four variants of Custom Shipping Options depending on the scenario: Flat Rates, Free Shipping, Table Rates (Shipping Matrix Rates), and in-Store Pickup.

Custom Shipping Calculations: Key Features and Benefits

Custom Shipping Options
Custom shipping options displayed in Calcurates backend
4 types of Custom Shipping Options
Four shipping option types are available depending on your needs: Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates (Matrix Rates), or in-Store Pickup.
Scale every option to your needs
Set a fixed per order, fixed per item, fixed per unit of weight value, or use a set percentage of the order subtotal. Use mixed cart calculation algorithms to combine the options.
More control with Shipping Rules
Set shipping rules in order to surcharge, discount and replace original rates or restrict your custom shipping options and methods to custom-set conditions.
Provide your customers with all the needed information
Inform your customers and boost conversions by adding explanatory tooltips and delivery dates information to your custom shipping options and methods.
Custom shipping options displayed in Calcurates backend

Why Do You Need Custom Shipping Calculations?

Using Custom Shipping Calculations you may configure free shipping, emulate carrier shipping rates, set in-store pickup, or simply set your own courier or delivery service. Also, you can set up multiple shipping methods, or shipping matrix rates.

How to use Custom Shipping Calculations

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Profitable Free Shipping

Use a minimal subtotal threshold, SKU exceptions, geo limitations, or attribute-based restrictions as conditions for a free shipping option.

Customized Flat Rates

Simplify shipping methods by introducing Flat Rates. Choose one of four calculation algorithms that better suits your store: fixed per order, fixed per item, fixed per unit of weight, and percentage of the order subtotal. Or implement multiple flat rate shipping options.
Set Up a Matrix of Conditions and Rates with Table Rates
Achieve more flexibility by configuring a custom shipping method or emulating carrier rates using a variety of Table Rates (Shipping Matrix Rate) calculation algorithms.
Set your Locations and Rates for In-Store Pickup
Get access to the perfect framework for configuring In-Store Pickup locations and rates.
Supported E-commerce Platforms

Turn on Custom Shipping Calculations for your

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How to set Custom Shipping Calculations in Calcurates

Follow our user guide to learn more about setting up your Custom Shipping Calculations, including Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates, and In-Store Pickup.



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