Shipping Areas

Get the most geo flexibility for your shipping by assigning methods and rates to specific Shipping Areas (Zones) or by creating location-based rules and restrictions with Calcurates.
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What is Shipping Area?

A shipping area is a condition based on a combination of countries, regions, postal codes or address lines assigned to the shipping option and method. You can customize shipping areas to set rules and restrictions or offer special rates and shipping methods based on the customer's location. For example, set limits for entire countries, or restrict shipping locations down to zip codes.

Shipping Areas: Key Features and Benefits

Enable geo-flexibility for your shipping
Shipping areas displayed in Calcurates backend
Variety of Geo Attributes
Customize your Shipping Areas using multiple geo attributes: Country, State/Region, City, Postal Codes (Range or Mass), Address Line, Address Type (Commercial or Residential). Create regional or postal shipping zones.
Shipping Methods Serve Specific Areas
Make your shipping rates geo-dependent by assigning your Shipping Areas to any Shipping Option (Free Shipping or Flat Rate), Table Rates methods, or carrier services. Create and assign shipping areas for UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, or other carriers you ship with.
Rules Based on Shipping Areas
Even more geo customization is available since you use your Shipping Areas as a condition for your Shipping Rules and Restrictions.
Postal Codes Flexibility
Our postal codes special inputs and operators give you maximum control for setting Shipping Areas. This includes support for alphanumeric UK postal codes.
Shipping areas displayed in Calcurates backend
Integration with Major Carriers
Connect your own carrier accounts to Calcurates and use Shipping Areas to customize your shipping

Why Do You Need Shipping Areas?

The Shipping Areas feature is a great choice when you ship to distant states like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Being separated from the United States, they require specific handling when it comes to shipping. Assigning countries to a different shipping area allows you to create custom scenarios, offer unique shipping options, or restrict deliveries to these areas altogether. Combining this feature with Shipping Rules allows for fine-tuning the different shipping options per your stock category. Shipping Areas are available for Magento 2, Shopify and WooCommerce.

How to Use Shipping Areas

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Free shipping location restrictions

Restrict Free Shipping or any other shipping method for a specific Shipping Area.

Special location-dependent rates or area-specific promotions

Set up special shipping rates for US distant States (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico) or British islands, Highlands and Northern Ireland. Easily restrict shipping to certain countries.

Restrict carrier services by Shipping Areas

Create and assign Shipping Areas to your FedEx, UPS, USPS, or any other carrier services. For example, restrict FedEx Ground or UPS Next Day for a certain Shipping Area.

Restrict delivery to P.O. boxes

The "Address Line" location attribute can be used in order to restrict delivery to postal office boxes.
Supported E-commerce Platforms

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Shipping Areas — FAQ

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How to Configure Shipping Areas in Calcurates

Shipping Areas is a built-in feature that you get with Calcurates. Configure new areas, customize existing ones, and manage everything through a simple interface and with the help of a step-by-step guide.



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