Integrate Multiple Shipping Carriers

Calcurates is a multi-carrier shipping solution. It means you can connect your carrier accounts in order to get real-time rates for your shipping methods, generate shipping labels and track your orders. Get even more flexibility by customizing every carrier through Shipping Rules and Restrictions. More than 10 carriers are available.
Meet Shipping Carriers
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Calcurates is going to support more carriers. Let us know about the carriers you ship with as your voice really affects our priorities.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution by Calcurates

What You Get with Carriers Connected to Your Calcurates Account and Store
  • Real-Time Shipping Rates
    Real-Time Shipping Rates from Carriers
    Automatically get real-time rates for every order with Calcurates. Sync your accounts for the automatically calculated best prices.
  • Carrier Shipping Rules
    Carrier Shipping Rules and Restrictions
    Use our Shipping Rules and Restrictions feature to customize carrier-specific shipping scenarios.
  • International Shipping - globe
    International shipping rates from Carriers
    Let Calcurates make international deliveries easier by acquiring shipping rates included tax & duties estimations directly from carriers.
  • estimated Delivery Dates - calendar
    Carrier Delivery Dates
    Create more detailed shipping options by displaying the estimated delivery dates and info-tooltips for every carrier's shipping method.
  • Shipping labels - qr codes
    Shipping Labels from Carriers
    Request, print and manage shipping labels from carriers for every package right from your e-commerce CMS dashboard.
  • Order Tracking
    Order Tracking from Carriers
    Automatically request tracking numbers and let your customers track their orders delivered by carriers.

When Do You Need Multi-Carrier Shipping?

When using multi-carrier shipping, you utilize a wider delivery network with coverage that reaches even your most remote customers. Use carrier-specific offers and discounts for added savings on your shipping, and enjoy flexibility that makes you dependent on no single carrier. Offer your customers more shipping options to enhance your reputation and to increase your conversion rate.
Supported E-commerce Platforms

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How to Configure Multi-Carrier Shipping in Calcurates

Add your business accounts in the Carriers section of your Calcurates dashboard or create new accounts with just a few clicks. See our guidebook for detailed instructions.
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