Calcurates for WooCommerce

Handle all your shipping activities with the all-in-one powerful multi-carrier shipping extension for WooCommerce. Calcurates is the reflection of more than 10 years of our team experience packed in the form of the cloud-based solution.
Get a Solid Cloud-Based Shipping Solution for Your WooCommerce Store Instead of a Dozen Plugins

Multi-Carrier Shipping Extension for WooCommerce

What Will You Get with Calcurates Installed to Your WordPress

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Shipping Solution

Less Compatibility Issues
With all-in-one shipping solution there is no need to install dozens of extensions and then solve compatibility issues among them.
Smooth User Interface
There are no UX limitations from the default WooCommerce interface. Instead we offer a friendly interface that is intuitive and mobile-compatible.
Easier Support
We also provide easier support and as we are an API-based service we won't need to access your WooCommerce to support you.
Complex Approach Instead of Plugin Patches
Since WooCommerce shipping plugins well-serve only specific and narrow shipping tasks, all-inclusive and cloud-based solution will solve your entire shipping more effectively.

Our Services

Calcurates is not not just a Software for WooCommerce but also a Service
Configuration Assistance
Request configuration service from Calcurates shipping experts.
Professional Support
Our support team is here for you to assist via on-site chat-widget or video calls.
Free Consultation
Let's discuss your shipping challenges and check whether Calcurates can solve them.

Turn on Cost-Effective Shipping for your WooCommerce

Let's check if Calcurates meets your shipping needs!

Install Calcurates Shipping Plugin to Your WooCommerce Store

Our shipping plugin for WooCommerce communicates with Calcurates through API. Just open the dashboard within your account and use the setup guide to complete the integration process in less than 15 minutes.

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