Estimated Delivery Dates

Use Calcurates to make shipping easier and more predictable for your customers by displaying accurate estimated delivery dates for every shipping method at checkout.

What are Estimated Delivery Dates?

The Estimated Delivery Dates feature allows you to manage and show customers the approximate time it will take for their orders to reach them. With an estimated delivery date solution, you are able to schedule deliveries and set a custom delivery period for various shipping methods.
Estimated Delivery Date noted in the calendar

Estimated Delivery Dates: Key Features and Benefits

Display expected delivery dates at checkout
Estimated Delivery Dates in Calcurates backend
Available for Any Shipping Method
Take advantage of scheduled deliveries and Estimated Delivery Dates with any custom shipping option (Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates, In-Store Pickup) and any major carrier, whether it is UPS, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, or others.
The Delivery Dates Format
Choose a display format for delivery dates at checkout: specific date, time frame, or the number of days delivery will be in transit. Use tooltips or simply display the information next to the corresponding shipping option.
Set Up a Delivery Schedule
Set non-delivery days like weekends or holidays and add delivery cutoffs to create the most suitable delivery schedule.
Conditional Delivery Dates
Use the Delivery Dates feature together with Table Rates to display custom dates depending on chosen Shipping Zones, products, and cart attributes.
Estimated Delivery Dates in Calcurates backend

Why Do You Need Estimated Delivery Dates?

Give customers a clear picture of the delivery process for their orders at checkout. Schedule delivery, restrict weekend or holiday delivery, or allow next-day delivery. Boost your sales with a predictable and accurate shipping experience.
How to Use Estimated Delivery Dates
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  • Display estimated delivery date or range for any shipping method
    Enhance your shipping preview by displaying estimated delivery dates or approximate time frames for any shipping method.
  • Display an approximate number of days as a time in transit for the shipping method
    As an alternative to displaying estimated delivery date you may display the number of days in transit for any shipping method.
  • Exclude weekends and holidays for delivery-date estimations
    Make your delivery-date estimates more accurate by customizing the delivery schedule to exclude non-work days.
  • Display Next-Day delivery date for the orders made before a certain time of day.
    Use delivery cut-offs to activate the Next-Day delivery option for orders completed before a certain time of day.

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How to Configure Delivery Dates in Calcurates

Estimated Delivery Dates is an advanced feature included with Calcurates. Manage Estimated Delivery Dates through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.

Estimated Delivery Dates — FAQ

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