Smart Packaging & Packaging Rules

Use Smart Packaging algorithms to pick the optimal packaging automatically for every order based on available packages and product dimensions. Set Packaging Rules to handle your own custom packaging scenarios. Get the most accurate rates from all the major carriers at checkout with Smart Packaging.

What is Smart Packaging?

Dimensional Shipping and Smart Packaging allow you to get the most accurate shipping rates from carriers. With the list of available packages and product dimensions, our algorithm finds the optimal packaging for any order and transmits the package's precise final parameters to the carrier. Alternatively, set Packaging Rules to handle your own custom packaging scenarios.

How Smart Packaging Works

Get the most accurate real-time shipping rates using Smart Packaging algorithms
Set Product Dimensions
Products in your catalog must have specified dimensions (length x width x height).
Add Custom Packages
In your Calcurates account, add the weight parameters and the dimensions of the packaging options you use to ship.
Activate Smart Packaging
Set Packaging Rules or allow our algorithm to choose the optimal packaging for every order in real-time by enabling the Smart Packaging feature for carriers.
Get Real-Time Rates
Calcurates acquires real-time shipping rates by sending selected packages' automatically calculated dimensions and weight to carriers.

When Do You Need Smart Packaging & Dimensional Shipping?

Increase your shipping profitability and cost efficiency by using Smart Packaging and Packaging Rules to calculate rates. All you need is a database with your products' dimensions, weight, and packaging parameters.

How Real-Time Rates Accuracy Grows

depending on the data and features you use
low accuracy
Actual Weight
(No Features)
Real-time rates from carriers based on the actual weight of an order. Requires products' weight.
medium accuracy
Volumetric / Dimensional Weight
Real-time rates based on Dimensional (volumetric) weight. Requires products' weight and one of the following parameters: product dimensions, volume, or volumetric weight.
high accuracy
Smart Packaging & Packaging Rules
Real-time rates based on the weight and dimensions of the packages you ship in an order. Requires a list of packaging options, packages' dimensions, products' weight, and products' dimensions.

Turn on Smart Packaging for your E-commerce

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Supported E-commerce Platforms

How to Set Up Smart Packaging in Calcurates

Smart Packaging is an advanced feature included in Calcurates. Set up Dimensional Shipping by enabling Smart Packaging and adding Packaging Rules. Manage storefront shipping through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.

Smart Packaging — FAQ

Popular questions answered
Can I use Carrier Packages for Smart Packaging?
Yes, please make sure that all the necessary parameters for the package are specified. Also do not forget to enable Smart Packaging for the carrier package. Learn more about Volumetric Weight settings from our user guide here.
Can I upload my packages via a CSV file?
No, unfortunately it is required to manually create the Custom Packages now. We plan to add the ability to upload data via a CSV file.
Where do I change the available units for my package?
The units are shared when Calcurates and CMS are being synced (Website > Platform Sync). However, you may specify units for every package individually in package settings and they will be converted to the Website unit.
What if an order doesn’t fit in one package?
The algorithm will use the multi-packaging and place the order items in two or more packages. Only the rates of carriers that support multi-packaging will be displayed at checkout.
Can I change what packages were used for a given order when creating a shipping label in my Magento?
Packages will be available in Magento backend when you start the label generation process. From there you will be able to change the packaging for the order.
Is Smart Packaging offered only on Magento 2?
Smart Packaging is also offered for e-commerce on WooCommerce. 

More about Smart Packaging & Packaging Rules

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