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Get access to the most powerful and flexible condition-based shipping option that can be easily configured in Calcurates.
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What is Table Rates Shipping?
Table Rates shipping option allows to set specific rates for multiple shipping methods based on various attributes and conditions. Take full control over the shipping rates in your online store with customizable Table Rates.

Table Rates for Magento and WooCommerce: Key Features and Benefits

Set multiple shipping methods and rates based on conditions
Table rates displayed in Calcurates backend
Tailor Rates to a Variety of Attributes and Different Conditions
Use a wide variety of preset conditions like price, quantity, and weight ranges, along with geo-attributes (like Shipping Zones and postal-code ranges) and Delivery Dates, or use your own attributes for maximum flexibility.
Multiple Calculation Algorithms
Calculate shipping rates for any given method in the way that is most effective for you. Fix these rates by order, item, or unit of weight, or set a percentage of an order's subtotal. Use these features separately or together.
CSV Import and Export
Edit your Table Rates settings easily by importing and exporting them in a CSV file.
Provide Customers with All the Information They Need
Boost your sales by creating tooltips and adding delivery date information with Table Rates to give customers more information.
Table rates displayed in Calcurates backend

When Do You Need Table Rates?

Maximize your profits by using condition-based rules and table rates to get the most cost-effective shipping. Group your products by type and attributes, and set group-specific shipping methods and pricing.

How to Use Table Rates Shipping

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Apply individual methods and rate calculations for different products
Create shipping types and group your products by categories, SKUs, weight, price or any custom parameters

Specific calculation algorithms for certain types of products

Pick the most effective combination of calculation algorithms in order to make shipping specific categories of products more cost-effective.

Different rates for different locations

Use geo-attributes to create unique shipping methods for different Shipping Zones. Account for surcharges and area-specific duties and taxes.
Estimated delivery dates based on conditions
Display dynamic and high-accurate Estimated Delivery Dates at checkout based on destination address, cart or product conditions
Supported E-commerce Platforms

Turn on Table Rates Shipping for your E-commerce

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Table Rates Shipping — FAQ

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How to Configure Table Rates in Calcurates

Table Rates is a built-in feature with Calcurates. Manage shipping options and methods through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.



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