Volumetric or Dimensional Weight
& Dimensional Weight Calculator

Increase the accuracy of real-time rates from major carriers by enabling Volumetric or Dimensional Weight algorithms in Calcurates and take advantage of more cost-effective shipping.

What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional weight (also known as Volumetric) is a value adopted by carriers worldwide for calculating shipping rates. It uses a formula of length multiplied by width and height, divided by shipping factor (LxWxH)/SF, which can vary from carrier to carrier.
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How Dimensional Weight Works

Increase the accuracy of real-time shipping rates from major carriers
Add Product Dimensions
Our Volumetric Weight algorithm requires one of the following product attributes from your catalog: product dimensions (length x width x height), product volume or product volumetric weight.
Choose a Dimensional Weight Algorithm
Choose one of three Dimensional Weight algorithms (separate dimensions, volume, or volumetric weight) depending on the product data in your catalog.
Activate Dim Weight for Shipping Options
Set the dim factor and enable the Dimensional Weight algorithm for configured Carriers or Table Rates options in your Calcurates account.
Get Real-Time Rates
We calculate Dim Weight for the order in the real-time and compare it with actual order weight. We apply higher value when requesting real-time shipping rates. This increases accuracy of shipping rates from carriers.

When Do You Need Volumetric or Dimensional Weight?

Increase your shipping profitability and cost efficiency by using dimensional weight to calculate rates. All you need is the weight of a product and a database containing the product's dimensions, volume, or calculated volumetric weight.

How Real-Time Rates Accuracy Grows

depending on the data and features you use
low accuracy
Actual Weight
(No Features)
Real-time rates from carriers based on an order's actual weight. Requires the products' weight.
medium accuracy
Volumetric / Dimensional Weight
Real-time rates based on volumetric (dimensional) weight. Requires products' weight and one of the following parameters: products' dimensions, volume, or volumetric weight.
high accuracy
Smart Packaging & Dimensional Shipping
Real-time rates based on the weight and dimensions of packages shipped in an order. Requires a list of packaging options, packaging dimensions, products' weight, and products' dimensions. Learn more.

Dimensional Weight Calculator

Use a dimensional weight calculator for every shipment you make. Carriers worldwide use dimensional shipping factors to calculate the shipping cost of every package. Dimensional weight is used when the shipment takes more space in the vehicle than its actual weight.

Compare shipping of packages based only on weight to the dimensional weight shipping and see which one helps you save on shipping cost more.
Use a dimensional weight calculator to calculate dimensional weight for the major carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, and DHL.

Turn on Dimensional Weight Algorithms for your E-commerce

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How to Configure Volumetric Weight in Calcurates

Volumetric or Dimensional Weight is an advanced feature included with Calcurates. Manage the volumetric weight algorithm for shipping through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.

Volumetric or Dimensional Weight— FAQ

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