In-Store Pickup

Use Calcurates to set up a condition-based In-Store Pickup shipping method and easily manage all pickup points and scheduling.

What is In-Store Pickup?

In-Store Pickup shipping option helps you to configure pickup locations and allow orders to be received at stores or drop-off points. Give customers more flexibility by offering them an in-store pickup shipping option.
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In-Store Pickup: Key Features and Benefits

Set up and manage the in-Store Pickup method and locations
In-Store Pickup shipping option displayed in Calcurates backend
A Variety of Attributes for in-Store Pickup Conditions
Tailor In-Store Pickup with a wide variety of preset conditions like price, quantity, and weight ranges, along with geo-attributes (Shipping zones and postal-code ranges) and Delivery Dates, or use your own attributes for maximum flexibility with In-Store Pickups.
Multiple Calculation Algorithms
Choose the most effective way to calculate the In-Store Pickup option for any given method. Set prices by order, item, or unit of weight, or choose a percentage of the order's subtotal. Use these features separately or together.
Multiple Pickup Points That are Easy to Find
Create a convenient delivery network by setting up multiple pickup points for In-Store Pickup. Display a link to Google Maps next to every pickup point at checkout.
Provide Customers with All Information They Need
Boost sales by creating tooltips and adding In-Store Pickup information together with live rates to give your customers more information.
In-Store Pickup shipping option displayed in Calcurates backend

When Do You Need In-Store Pickup?

Offer Same-Day Deliveries at your physical stores, warehouses, and drop-off points without relying on a carrier for shipping. Expand your audience by introducing an In-Store Pickup option to customers who live within your shipping network.
How to Use In-Store Pickup
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  • Different products are available in different pickup points
    Limit the availability of different pickup points by customizing the conditions. Use categories, groups, SKUs, weight, and price as conditions for In-Store Pickup.
  • Specific calculation algorithms for certain types of products
    Pick the most effective combination of calculation algorithms in order to make shipping specific categories of products more cost-effective.
  • Different rates for different pickup points
    Account for different pickup locations by setting different rates for each point.
  • Different pickup dates depending on what's in cart
    Use pickup dates as a condition for In-Store Pickup. Change the available delivery dates depending on the items in a customer's cart.

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How to Configure the In-Store Pickup Feature in Calcurates

In-Store Pickup is an advanced feature included with Calcurates. Manage the In-Store Pickup method through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.

In-Store Pickup — FAQ

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