In-Store Pickup

Use Calcurates to set up a condition-based In-Store Pickup shipping method and easily manage all pickup points and scheduling.
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What is In-Store Pickup?

In-Store Pickup shipping option helps you to configure pickup locations and allow orders to be received at stores or drop-off points. Give customers more flexibility by offering them an in-store pickup shipping option.

In-Store Pickup: Key Features and Benefits

Set up and manage the in-Store Pickup method and locations
In-Store Pickup shipping option displayed in Calcurates backend
A Variety of Attributes for in-Store Pickup Conditions
Tailor In-Store Pickup with a wide variety of preset conditions like price, quantity, and weight ranges, along with geo-attributes (Shipping zones and postal-code ranges) and Delivery Dates, or use your own attributes for maximum flexibility with In-Store Pickups.
Multiple Calculation Algorithms
Choose the most effective way to calculate the In-Store Pickup option for any given method. Set prices by order, item, or unit of weight, or choose a percentage of the order's subtotal. Use these features separately or together.
Multiple Pickup Points That are Easy to Find
Create a convenient delivery network by setting up multiple pickup points for In-Store Pickup. Display a link to Google Maps next to every pickup point at checkout.
Provide Customers with All Information They Need
Boost sales by creating tooltips and adding In-Store Pickup information together with live rates to give your customers more information.
In-Store Pickup shipping option displayed in Calcurates backend

When Do You Need In-Store Pickup?

Offer Same-Day Deliveries at your physical stores, warehouses, and drop-off points without relying on a carrier for shipping. Expand your audience by introducing an In-Store Pickup option to customers who live within your shipping network.
How to Use In-Store Pickup

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Different products are available in different in-store pickup points
Limit the availability of different pickup points by customizing the conditions. Use categories, groups, SKUs, weight, and price as conditions for In-Store Pickup.
Choosing the best pick-up store based on proximity and product availability
Use our selection algorithms to efficiently present pickup points during the checkout process
Displaying information about the store's opening hours and address
Specify the pickup store's name, opening hours and other information for display at checkout
Delivery Date & Time Pickers (for Magento 2 and WooCommerce)
With Magento 2 and WooCommerce delivery date and time picker you can set up and display available delivery days and time in dropdowns at the checkout. It allows your customers to select the convenient time for in-store pickup that makes your delivery more predictable and boost conversions.
Google Maps links next to every pickup point at checkout (Magento)

Use the Google Maps API to provide a link to your pick-up store's address on Google Maps
Different pickup dates depending on what's in cart

Use pickup dates as a condition for In-Store Pickup. Change the available delivery dates depending on the items in a customer's cart.
Supported E-commerce Platforms

Turn on In-Store Pickup for your E-commerce

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In-Store Pickup — FAQ

Popular questions answered

How to Configure the In-Store Pickup Feature in Calcurates

In-Store Pickup is an advanced feature included with Calcurates. Manage the In-Store Pickup method through a simple interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.



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