Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Utilize condition-based Shipping Rules and Restrictions and take full control over shipping options, rates, and methods with Calcurates for your Magento2, Shopify, or WooCommerce store.

What are Shipping Rules and Restrictions?

Shipping Rules and Restrictions allow you to use conditional shipping and create unique customer scenarios. With country-specific customization, you can tailor the international shipping options to your store's needs perfectly. For example, restrict or allow payment & shipping by customer group, set free shipping for a specific product, or restrict product by country.
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Shipping Rules and Restrictions: Key Features and Benefits

Enable maximum flexibility for your shipping
Shipping rules displayed in Calcurates backend
A Variety of Attributes
Use a wide variety of data — from geolocation and dates to customer groups and product-specific attributes — to create the perfect shipping scenario for every order. All necessary attributes and parameters for shipping rules building are supported across Shopify, Magento, Adobe Commerce and WooCommerce.
Multiple Action Types for Your Rules
Create custom rules to add surcharges or discounts, interchange one shipping rate for another, or completely restrict shipping options and methods.
Carrier-Based Rules and Restrictions
Use Shipping Rules and Restrictions to customize your shipping with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DPD, Royal Mail, DHL, or any other major carrier that suits your store best.
Save Conditions as Shipping Segments
Configure these conditions once and save them as a preset to use with multiple rules without any need to repeat the setup process. Set up Customer Segments, Product Segments or any other.
Shipping rules displayed in Calcurates backend

When Do You Need Shipping Rules?

Improve the cost-effectiveness of your shipping by creating custom Shipping Rules and Restrictions in order to avoid extra charges, offer discounts for specific locations, exclude certain costly areas from your shipping, restrict delivery, or create shipping by customer group.
How to Use Shipping Rules and Restrictions
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  • Free Shipping restrictions
    Easily offer free shipping for specific product categories, with orders exceeding a certain price threshold, and to customers living in certain areas.
  • Surcharge a delivery method for heavy or bulky orders
    Maximize the profitability of shipping heavy and oversized orders by imposing surcharges on every order that exceeds certain weight or size dimensions.
  • Restrict certain UPS services
    Tailor shipping with major carriers to specific services, and hide any services from UPS or any other carrier that hurt your bottom line.
  • Discount shipping rates for certain customer group or promo-code owners
    Easily implement a system of promo codes and discounts by creating specific Rules and Restrictions.

Turn on Shipping Rules and Restrictions for your E-commerce

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How to Configure Rules and Restrictions in Calcurates

Shipping Rules is a built-in feature by Calcurates. Configure unlimited number of shipping rules and restrictions based on your own scenarios through an intuitive interface with the help of a step-by-step guide.

Shipping Rules and Restrictions — FAQ

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