Calcurates Shipping Rates App for Shopify

Manage your shipping storefront with an all-inclusive and powerful multi-carrier shipping app for Shopify.
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Calcurates Shipping App for Shopify

What you will get with Calcurates app installed to your Shopify store
Image of Configurable Shipping Zones
Assign methods and rates to advanced Shipping Zones or create location-based rules and restrictions to add more flexibility to your Shopify shipping rates and methods.
Image of Custom Shipping Options
Utilize custom shipping calculations for Shopify with configurable and flexible Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates, and In-Store Pickup.

Image of Integration with Major Carriers
Connect your own carrier accounts to Calcurates and get real-time rates displayed on your Shopify checkout.

Image of Shipping Rules and Restrictions
Use condition-based Shipping Rules and Restrictions and take full control over shipping options, rates, and methods displayed at the Shopify store checkout.

Image of International Shipping
Get an access to international shipping from major carriers right at Shopify checkout with the accurate real-time rates and included estimated duties and taxes.
Image of Estimated Delivery Dates
Make shipping easier and more predictable to your customers by configuring and displaying estimated delivery dates for every shipping method at Shopify checkout.
Image of Volumetric and Dimensional Weight
Increase the accuracy of shipping rates by enabling Volumetric or Dimensional Weight algorithms for your Shopify and take advantage of accurate shipping rates.

Image of Smart Packaging
Use Smart Packaging algorithms to pick the optimal packaging automatically for every Shopify order. Increase your Shopify shipping efficiency and get the most accurate real-time rates from all the major carriers.
Image of Rate Shopping
Provide customers with the real-time comparison of the shipping rates from multiple connected carriers and display the lowest ones at Shopify checkout.

Image of Multi-Vendor Shipping
Multi-Vendor Shipping for Shopify allows you to set up shipping methods based on multiple warehouses. Calcurates algorithms automatically pick the optimal source for the product to ship from.
Image of Shipping on Product Pages
Increase conversions by displaying shipping estimate and order countdown timer on Shopify product pages. Product Page Shipping App is compatible with the most popular Shopify themes.
Integration with Major Carriers
Connect your own carrier accounts to Calcurates and get real-time rates displayed on your Shopify checkout. Learn more about supported Carriers.

Key Benefits of our Shipping Calculator App for Shopify

  • Less Compatibility Issues
    With an all-in-one shipping app for Shopify there is no need to install dozens of apps and then solve compatibility issues among them.
  • Smooth User Interface
    We offer a friendly interface that is intuitive and mobile-compatible.
  • Easier Support
    We also provide easier support and as we are an API-based service we won't need to access your Shopify to support you.
  • Complex Approach Instead of App Patches
    Since there are many Shopify shipping apps well-serve specific and narrow shipping tasks, an all-inclusive and cloud-based solution will solve your entire shipping more effectively.
Our Services
Calcurates is not not just a Software for WooCommerce but also a Service
  • Configuration Assistance
    We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. We like what we do.
  • Professional Support
    Our support team is here for you to assist via an on-site chat widget or video calls.
  • Free Consultation
    Let's discuss your shipping challenges and check whether Calcurates can solve them.
Our client's story
Global Telesat Communications
satellite communication products and service
Learn how Calcurates for Shopify helped UK based telecom store set up DPD domestic rates and real-time international rates.

Install Calcurates Shipping App to Your Shopify Store

Our shipping plugin for Shopify communicates with Calcurates through API. Just install our app from the official Shopify Marketplace and set up flexible shipping with Calcurates.
Calcurates seamlessly integrates with Shopify to provide robust shipping solutions that enhance the efficiency of your e-commerce operations. With our Shopify shipping app, you gain access to a wide range of features that streamline shipping processes, improve customer experience, and drive your Shopify business forward.

Utilize our Shopify shipping rates integration to offer real-time shipping rates from major carriers (UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, Australia Post and more) directly within your Shopify store. Calcurates app ensures accurate and up-to-date shipping costs, empowering your customers to make informed purchase decisions. Customize shipping rates based on your business needs, whether it's custom rates or table rates.

Effortlessly configure Shopify shipping zones, rules, and restrictions with Calcurates shipping rates software. Set precise parameters to control shipping methods, rates, and services based on various factors, ensuring smooth and reliable order fulfillment.

Take advantage of dimensional shipping and smart packaging features to optimize shipping costs and minimize packaging waste. Calcurates app helps you deliver cost-effective shipping options while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Display estimated delivery dates on your Shopify store, setting clear expectations for your customers. This valuable information improves the shopping experience and builds trust in your brand.

For international shipping, Calcurates software automates the estimate of duties and taxes, simplifying the complex cross-border shipping process.

Calcurates shipping rates app also supports multi-origin shipping rates, allowing you to efficiently manage and calculate shipping costs from different locations and vendors.

Streamline your Shopify shipping calculations, provide accurate rates, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Calcurates shipping rates app. Start optimizing your shipping operations today by adding Calcurates app into your Shopify store.

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